Terraforms Land Art Enters Top NFT Collections Charts

Terraforms Land Art Enters Top NFT Collections Charts

The on-chain land art collection generated $3.19 million in trading volume in the past seven days

Terraforms by Mathcastles is an Ethereum-based NFT collection that introduces land art as a concept. The collection has had a tremendous week in terms of performance, generating more than $3.19 million in trading volume in the past seven days. 

Terraforms introduces an innovative concept that presents on-chain land as a generative NFT artwork. The Terraforms virtual world is a 20-level 3D castle, created by 11.104 unique land plot NFTs. Interestingly, each of these land plots comes with a live on-chain art depiction of the code behind the NFT. This adds a rather intriguing visual element to the virtual land concept. 

The properties and characteristics of each NFT are different, however, they all represent land plots of the same size. Interestingly, the level property denotes the 3D location of the plot in the castle. Mathcastles developers have shared this image as a guideline for what the castle looks like. Additionally, the {x,y} coordinates property represents the land plot’s position in the 2D space. 

All other properties of the NFTs correspond to different characteristics of the art connected to each unique land plot. For example, the zone property represents the color palette of each NFT, while the chroma property represents the animation speed of the land art piece. 

The combination of all these properties creates a vibrant 3D virtual space and a rather intriguing NFT art collection. Considering this, activity for the Terraforms collection has been booming recently. 

Plot of all Terraform levels with colors (Source)

Terraforms storms Top NFT Collections charts

Terraforms dropped on December 17th, however, the collection has seen remarkable growth in valuation and trading volume in the past week. The average price for a Terraforms NFT increased by 2500% reaching $50.000. Additionally, the project generated $3.19 million in trading volume. 

This significant boost in pricing pushed Terraforms to the top of DappRadar NFT Collections charts. Impressively, these land art NFTs managed to outperform hot projects in the NFT space like Doodles, and the rising star LinksDAO.  

An interesting thing to note is that Terraforms creators Mathcastles have not been very active in promoting the project or interacting with the community. The official website where the mint happened is completely empty at the time of writing, and all information in the project’s Discord was assembled by community members. 

Despite the lack of involvement from the developers, the Terraforms community is growing with more than 5000 Discord members already. This is also visible by the increasing sales prices and the rapidly growing trading volume Terraforms generates.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Terraforms collection, as the virtual 3D castle gains traction among the NFT community. If you want to keep a close eye on this project as well, check DappRadar PRO. PRO gives you access to the most up-to-date NFT sales data, and exclusive Discord channels and discussions. 

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