LinksDAO Creates The Ultimate Country Club Experience

LinksDAO Creates The Ultimate Country Club Experience
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With a LinksDAO NFT, you’ll get access to real-life country clubs across the globe

LinksDAO is an Ethereum-based NFT collection that launched right at the start of 2022 and promises holders access to an exclusive country club experience in the future. In the past 24 hours, the collection has attracted 634% more traders with its ambitious roadmap that spans over the next couple of years.

With a rather surprising drop date on 31st December, LinksDAO entered the NFT space with a splash. The collection consists of 6,363 Leisure Membership passes and an additional 2,727 Global Membership passes. The two types of memberships grant different benefits and access to the upcoming country clubs. 

In the past 24 hours, LinksDAO attracted more than 1200 traders and recorded more than 940 sales. As a result, the collection generated an impressive $2.6 million in trading volume. These stats put LinksDAO at the top fifteen NFT collections in the past 24 hours according to DappRadar rankings

Impressively, the country club pass collection has surpassed big names in the NFT space like NBA Top Shot, Cool Cats, and even CloneX, which has been one of the hottest projects in recent weeks. 

LinksDAO’s ambitious roadmap

LinksDAO is definitely one of the more interesting NFT projects to surface recently. While the space has been saturated with numerous profile picture avatar-style generative projects, LinksDAO takes a completely different approach. Betting on the underlying technology, this project uses the blockchain as a verification tool. The collection consists of two different NFTs, which don’t have too much of a design put into them. 

However, the ambitious roadmap backing the project is attracting waves of attention. According to the official website, the first step for LinksDAO is to actually organize the decentralized autonomous organization. This should happen in the next couple of months. From there, the project will start basing decisions on community votes. Of course, the main idea is to create a global network of exclusive country clubs to which only LinksDAO holders will have access.

The first physical LinksDAO location should be ready to welcome collectors towards the end of 2022, or the very beginning of 2023. The actual location and placement of this first country club will be decided by the DAO. 

LinksDAO takes the importance of a strong community to the next level. The members of the DAO will take each important decision regarding the future of this exquisite country club experience. This is an exciting combination of some of the most interesting aspects of the blockchain space as a whole. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring LinksDAO as the project takes on its ambitious roadmap. If you want to track the most up-to-date sales stats for this collection, check out DappRadar PRO. Alternatively, you can follow DappRadar on Twitter to learn the latest NFT news first. 

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