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Dark Country

DappRadar speaks exclusively to Tony Yumaiev, Head of Marketing at Immortal Games

DappRadar currently tracks the American gothic game Dark Country on the WAX and Ethereum blockchains. In early 2020 the Dark Country Exodus card sale designed for early adopters to support the project from day one was a great success. With more than 1500 Exodus packs sold.

In terms of game modes, Immortal Games promises quite some variety. There will be a classic collectible card game, an auto battler and a ‘living board collectible card game’.

Dark Country
Dark Country Exodus card packs

As the development team prepare for the full launch and introduction of exciting NFT offers. DappRadar caught up with Tony Yumaiev, Head of Marketing at Immortal Games to find out more about what 2020 has in store for Dark Country.

Can you tell us about your project? What motivated you to create Dark Country? 

Last year our team worked closely with popular dapp game Prospectors and found out about a few major issues blockchain games have. Namely – a lack of users and onboarding complexity. We also found out that blockchain gaming has one key advantage – NFTs.

So we decided to put together solutions to these problems and offer a key blockchain advantage in gaming. This is how the Dark Country gaming project was born. To make our project more memorable, the American gothic horror setting was chosen. 

Our big vision is to make a Games ecosystem with a content co-creation platform, where all NFTs can be usable in various games and game modes. For a start, we want to prove our idea that multichain gaming has greater potential then separated games. So we are working on a multichain CCG based game.

What protocol are you using? Can you tell us why and what benefits or disadvantages that brings?

This is one of our differences – we are multichain or multiprotocol if you like. This helps us to eliminate one of the major issues of dapps – lack of user base.

Combined with one-click onboarding we want to connect all blockchain gamers with regular ones and give them all a possibility to get, own, play, trade and do whatever they want with their NFT items. There is no such possibility in any regular game.

Dark Country
Dark Country Economics

How are you planning to support Dark Country over the next 12 months?

For now, we are in the early pre-sale stage. Game development is in full swing now and we are expecting to release a private beta in Q2, 2020. In 2020, we plan to launch the Classic CCG mode, expand it with a pack of new content and release co-authorship functionality as a basis for the co-creation platform.

Of course, all of the above is not unambiguously defined. It is more a vision of the project, which may be adjusted by relying on community feedback as well as campaign results.

How do you see the dapp ecosystem developing in 2020, is this the year of mass adoption?

I don’t think that dapps in 2020 will achieve mass adoption. Blockchain is still a dark horse for the majority of users and they are not seeing explicit advantages.

I think 2020 is the year of NFTs and blockchain gaming. The times of chaotic blockchain dapp development and gambling have passed and the next step is blockchain gaming. Mass adoption can become real through gaming, but not this year, most likely in 2021-2022.

As a success story do you have any advice for developers trying to break into the ecosystem?

Looking at how blockchain games have been developing over the last 2 years, especially on new blockchain platforms, I should say that first of all you need to think about the long term benefits for users. There are so many 1-month dapps, that there can’t be any trust from the user side.

You should be ready to answer the most painful questions in dapp development – Where you will get users? How can you attract such a narrow audience to use your dapp? Why should a user play your dapp multiple times?

Today you need to prove your idea, because users are hard to onboard after all the scams and negativity surrounding cryptocurrencies. This is the way for blockchain games to get users, attract money to an indie dapp development project and reach mass adoption.

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