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A network built to scale betting, DeFi, and NFT applications

DappRadar is excited to integrate the SX blockchain and its ecosystem of dapps. Over one million monthly users on DappRadar can now discover and analyze all types of dapps through SX Rankings. What’s more, DappRadar provides users with an intuitive view of each SX dapp’s metrics, including user volume, transaction volume, and historical performance.

SX Network is Polygon’s first layer-2 blockchain. It inherits the security of Polygon perfectly while providing developers and users with an ultra-low gas experience. SX Network is unique because it is the first stand-alone smart contract platform with a native prediction market protocol.

The network’s dynamic ecosystem features three interrelated platforms:

  • SX Bet – Largest blockchain prediction market dapp in the world by volume.
  • SX Protocol – Open-source smart contract protocol that facilities all SX prediction markets.
  • SX Blockchain – Highly scalable, EVM-compatible blockchain built on Polygon Edge.

SX is the built-in native token of SX Network that empowers its ecosystem. It has three primary utilities: to pay for transaction fees, serve as the staking bond by validators, and power governance. 

SX dapps on DappRadar

At launch, DappRadar will track the most prominent dapps on the SX Network, covering DeFi and gaming, with more dapps to join in the future as the ecosystem expands. 

SX network dappradar

SX Bet is a peer-to-peer betting exchange that allows users to offer and take bets. This differs from traditional sportsbooks, where users can only take bets provided by centralized companies. This peer-to-peer betting model leads to better odds and removes the ability of owners to exploit the users for profit.

SharkSwap is a one-of-a-kind DeFi platform on SX Network. It strives to be a community-owned decentralized exchange with an innovative mechanism tied to a prediction market. Additionally, SharkSwap Protocol is powered by its native token SHARK. Users earn SHARK for providing liquidity on the SharkSwap protocol. 

SX for dapp developers 

Developers who want to launch products in prediction markets or betting games can take advantage of the vibrant community.

Moreover, SX allows Polygon-based blockchain dapps to be easily ported onto SX Network. It opens the door to a new realm of opportunities for DeFi, NFT, and gaming dapps to reach an entirely new community and ecosystem without detaching from Polygon.

DappRadar invites dapp developers to submit their dapps to DappRadar, creating more visibility on The World’s Dapp Store for the ever-expanding SX ecosystem. Those interested in learning more about SX and the possibilities available can start on the SX website and developer docs.

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