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Street Fighter NFT
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WAX is bringing a new digital trading card game to the blockchain in association with the iconic Street Fighter video game. StreetFighter is a Japanese fighting game franchise developed and published by Capcom. Its best-selling 1991 release Street Fighter II is credited with establishing many of the conventions used today in the one-on-one fighting genre. 

Street Fighter NFT packs will be available on February 18th at 12 pm EST. The sale is time-limited and lasts for 24 hours ending on February 19th at 12 pm EST. Unpacking & crafting unlocks immediately after the primary sale is over.

Street Fighter NFTs
Source: Street Fighter Cards

All versions of Street Fighter II have sold more than 200,000 arcade cabinets and over 15 million software units worldwide and they are estimated to have grossed over $10 billion in total revenue, making it one of the top three highest-grossing video games of all time as of 2017 and the best-selling fighting game up until 2019. 

With this in mind, It’s easy to see why Capcom and WAX have teamed up to bring digital collectibles for the legendary fighting franchise. WAX has already established itself as a major player in the NFT space and soon collectors will be able to buy, sell, and trade Street Fighter digital trading cards as NFTs. Moreover, each NFT will trade on the WAX Blockchain which means that they are certified authentic, unique, and can never be altered. 

How it works

Players will start by opening packs of Street Fighter NFT Build Cards, then combine two matching Build Cards to unlock a new card with one of six rarities. Users can then continue upgrading that card’s power score by adding additional Build Cards. Once you reach a power score of five, you unlock a special Class Card in one of 6 rarities. Furthermore, build cards are burned when used, which increases card scarcity and value.

Street Fighter NFTs
Source: Street Fighter Cards

Street Fighter NFTs will be available in 8 different classes of rarity and because the NFTs are built on WAX, players can not only buy and sell cards on a number of marketplaces – they can also instantly trade cards from their collection. At the same time, the WAX blockchain ensures that cards are 100% authentic, and can never be changed or duplicated.

Street Fighter NFTs
Source: Street Fighter Cards

Packs will be available on February 18th at 12 pm EST. The sale is time-limited and lasts for 24 hours ending on February 19th at 12 pm EST.

Digital Collectibles on WAX 

Since its inception, the WAX blockchain has put a substantial focus on the delivery of brand partnered digital collectibles and NFT content. The first five major NFT sales on WAX sold out in record times and put NFTs into the hands of thousands of users.

Looking at WAX NFT Marketplaces on DappRadar shows that Atomic Market is leading when it comes to users and transaction volumes. Generating over $1.5 million in trading volume and 1.2k users. SimpleMarket and MythMarket are two further marketplaces to trade, exchange and purchase NFTs on WAX.

Source: DappRadar

It is also worth mentioning that these WAX collectibles don’t have any game attached to them. As a result, activity is relatively low. Users can trade their NFTs or collect them, but after purchasing there’s no other way to boost activity with digital collectibles. 

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