Square Enix Transforms Dungeon Siege into Metaverse Content

dungeon siege metaverse sandbox

Gaming franchise moves into The Sandbox

Square Enix will bring its Dungeon Siege franchise into The Sandbox, allowing users to build their own Dungeon Siege adventures in the metaverse using licensed content. A special Dungeon Siege land plot will become the starting point for players to discover user generated content.

Not only will Square Enix launch its own gaming hub for Dungeon Siege within the virtual realms of The Sandbox. They will also make Dungeon Siege voxel characters and items available to players and content creators to incorporate them into their own metaverse experiences. 

Within the portfolio of Square Enix we find brands like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider. It’s safe to say that Dungeon Siege is one of their smaller brands. Dungeon Siege III, the last game in the series, released in 2011. The franchise has been good for 1.7 million copies sold, while also tapping into a strong community of modders. 

Square Enix invested early in The Sandbox

Square Enix has been an investor in The Sandbox since late 2019, but haven’t announced any in-house developments into the metaverse or play-to-earn gaming yet. By bringing their Dungeon Siege franchise into The Sandbox, they will pioneer into both. The virtual world allows both content creators and players to earn from their efforts. Other gaming companies active in The Sandbox are Ubisoft and Atari. 

Overall, The Sandbox has partnered with over 200 brands and companies from various markets. Recently they announced partnerships with Warner Music Group and Adidas. In addition there are projects coming with Gucci, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, but also The Smurfs and Care Bears.

Without a doubt these partnerships do well for the valuation of virtual land within The Sandbox. At the time of writing land in the voxel virtual world costs 3.25 ETH, or $9,500 at the time of writing. The platform currently undergoes a migration during which land moves from Ethereum to the Polygon blockchain

SAND from $0,03 to $3,00

In October 2020 the native SAND token had a value of $0,03. Fast forward to the present, and SAND has a value of $3,19, up 7.9% in the past 24 hours. The company will allow players to earn SAND during the upcoming second Alpha test.

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