Splinterlands and Warner Music Combine Games with Artists

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Artists to create and develop unique play-to-earn and NFT games

Trending blockchain game Splinterlands has announced a partnership with Warner Music Group to allow artists to design and develop unique play-to-earn arcade-style blockchain games. The partnership would benefit fans of a select group of WMG artists and Splinterlands players. 

With over half a million unique active user wallets per week, Splinterlands generates the most blockchain activity of all games. These users select cards and battle each other in the tactical card game, doing over 18.5 million transactions per week. This week 500 exclusive game cards based on music artist Waka Flocka hit the market, now selling at a premium on the marketplace. 

The new partnership between Splinterlands and Warner Music will initiate new revenue streams for artists. The music company focuses on custom NFT games to attract and engage with fans. Splinterlands said in a press release that each of the games would be mobile-friendly and easily accessible. They also stressed that the new developments will not take anything away from the game’s roadmap, which includes land gameplay, validator nodes, and of course, new card packs.

Music and gaming seem to find each other in the blockchain space. Back in January WMG already announced a step into the metaverse by acquiring virtual land plots in The Sandbox.  Gala Games launched Gala Music and attracted Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki and BT. At the same time RAC launched a virtual home in Decentraland together with his first decentralized app, racOS, and the RAC token. 

A financial solution, now comes the fun

Blockchain gaming and play-to-earn has been a side hustle or even much needed income for plenty of people in developing countries. While some preach these benefits, others criticize the new movement. So much even that existing game companies step away from their NFT plans because of hate from their community. On top of that blockchain games often lack the depth of a traditional video game. 

Nonetheless, interest in NFTs and the play-to-earn business model is growing. In recent months companies like Ubisoft, Square Enix, Microsoft, Sony and Electronic Arts have expressed their interest in play-to-earn. This fuels the idea that the blockchain-powered business model is here to stay. Ubisoft brought NFTs in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and will move its Rabbids franchise into The Sandbox

For now most blockchain games feature simple earning mechanics, like farming in DeFi Kingdoms or winning battles in Axie Infinity. More complex games with a wider arsenal of mechanics are now in development. In 2022 and beyond gamers can expect first person shooters and MMORPGs to feature play-to-earn mechanics.

Some time from now, when the quality of the game measures up to the experience of a PlayStation 5 hit game, which one will the consumer pick? The one where you pay $60 to play, or the one where you can earn something because you play?  

Take a look at some of the most anticipated blockchain games, listed in the articles below.

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