Splinterlands Heating up to Become New Market Leader

Splinterlands Heating up to Become New Market Leader

Can the Hive-based card trading game surpass Alien Worlds?

Splinterlands, the biggest Hive-based play-to-earn game, is steadily attracting new players. The game saw a 30% boost in unique active wallets in the past week, pushing the total to more than 270,000. Splinterlands’ main competitor Alien Worlds lost about 30% of its audience in the same week, dropping to around 415,000 unique active wallets. 

This is a great performance for Splinterlands, which has seen a continuous increase in UAW in the past several weeks. The big question now is, will Splinterlands surpass Alien Worlds and become the number one game across all blockchains?

Of course, there is no way to tell whether this will happen. However, the Hive-based contender is showing strong signs of progress. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to allow for such a possibility. Of course, Alien Worlds has been the king of the blockchain-gaming space for quite some time now, yet Splinterlands is quickly catching up. 

Splinterlands vs. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is one of the first blockchain-based play-to-earn opportunities to launch. Additionally, the fact that it operates on the Wax blockchain makes it extremely accessible. Users can sign up for a Wax wallet with their Google or Facebook accounts and start playing right away. However, Alien Worlds has very limited gaming mechanics, as players can only mint TLM and later stake it. Of course, there are ways to improve the mining outcome through purchasing NFT-based items. Still, that’s about it for strategy. 

On the other hand, Splinterlands introduces a much higher level of strategy and game mechanics. Players can choose between several different Splinters, which in turn give their cards various boosts. However, getting started with Splinterlands requires a one-time investment of $10 to purchase a Spellbook. The Spellbook holds all the secrets to Splinters’ abilities, and without it, players don’t have access to the battle arena. 

In this regard, Alien Worlds might seem as the more accessible of the two. However, in terms of the play-to-earn element, Splinterlands has an advantage. In Alien Worlds, players are rewarded in TLM tokens. Currently, the value of one TLM token is $0.19, according to CoinGecko. On the other hand, with Splinterlands, players earn DEC tokens from their battles, and right now also receive SPS tokens from daily airdrops. One DEC token is worth $0.006 at the time of writing. However, one SPS token goes for $0.24. This is the highest of all three tokens mentioned so far. Considering this, and the fact that all players will receive free SPS in daily airdrops for several more months, Splinterlands is definitely a leader in terms of the play-to-earn aspect. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring how Splinterlands and Alien Worlds move forward and whether the long-time leader will be dethroned. If you’d like to learn more about these games, check out their single dapp pages below, as well as the DappRadar Top Games ranking. 

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