How to Play, Win, and Earn in Splinterlands

How to Play Win Earn Splinterlands
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A guide to maximizing your fun and token earnings playing Splinterlands

Trading card game Splinterlands has long devoted time and work to its community, and 2023 promises to be a year of great advancements. This week it released the first phase of land gameplay, introducing land surveys. As in-game assets floor price rise and so does the hype, we’re keeping you up to date with the best play-and-earn games in the market.


What is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a play-to-earn tactical trading card game on the Hive blockchain. After buying a $10 Summoner’s Book, players get access to the play-and-earn mechanics of the game. They start out with a basic set of cards and are ready to battle.

At the time of writing, Splinterlands has tens of thousands of players per day, all trying to make the most of their time playing the game and earning tokens.

You can track daily, weekly and monthly data on in-game transactions, trading volume and unique active wallets registered on the blockchain using DappRadar.

What makes Splinterlands innovative?

Splinterlands is one of the older blockchain games on the market but is constantly revitalizing itself. The game originally launched as Steem Monsters on the Steem blockchain but moved to the forked Hive blockchain when Justin Sun took over. They also changed names and became Splinterlands.

In Splinterlands, you own the cards you play with as digital assets or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Moreover, players can earn SPS tokens , and these tokens can be transferred to, for example, the Ethereum blockchain or BNB Chain. Or players win cards to be used in the game, or burned for DEC tokens. 

In addition, the team created a bridge to the Wax blockchain, allowing users to wrap their NFTs and trade them on the far more popular NFT marketplaces on Wax.

As Splinterlands evolved, the team introduced the SPS governance token and  added Staking to its tokenomics. Land deeds were also introduced to further deepen the game’s universe, as we’ll dive in later in this article. 

Where to download Splinterlands?

Splinterlands can be downloaded as a mobile app for Android and iOS. The game can also be played through a web browser on any desktop Windows PC or Apple MacBook.

The mobile versions of Splintelands offer limited functionalities, while the browser game has all features.

How to start playing Splinterlands?

1. Create an account, or log in via a web browser extension wallet like MetaMask. To unlock the earning feature of Splinterlands, players need to pay $10.

2. Once you’ve created an account and are logged in, you can click the “Play Now” button. Followed by the “Battle” button on the next page.

3. The Splinterlands battle system will then find an opponent with a similar skill or experience as you.

4. When an opponent has been found, the pop-up will tell you the limitations and rules of the battle. For example, if you’ll be able to play with only certain types of cards, and of course the amount of Mana points you can spend for this battle.

5. Click “Create Team”

Getting started playing Splinterlands

6. Now you will need to create a team, within the time limit and use up to the maximum amount of Mana points stated at the top left. Each card costs a certain amount of Mana. Combining cards in a tactical way benefits your deck’s performance.

7. When both players are ready, the battle begins. From this point on you don’t have any influence. Gamers can either watch the battle unfold or simply click to see the outcome. The winning player earns some SPS tokens and gains experience points, the losing player loses some experience points.

How to play and earn in Splinterlands

The more you win, the higher your rank will become. Through leveling up and by completing quests, players can earn chests. These chests contain cards, credits, or SPS. They can then upgrade existing cards by combining them. The stronger your card collection, the higher the maximum level is that you can reach.

Additionally, your card collection boosts your power rank, which improves your League ranking. The higher players climb the competitive ladders, the more rewards they can collect.

The different tokens in Splinterlands

Ultimately there are three types of currencies circulating in the ecosystem: Credits, DEC, and SplinterShards (SPS). You can look at them as methods to make the most of your Splinterlands experience.

  • Credits – an in-game currency that players can use to buy card packs or spend on the open marketplace.
  • DEC tokens – acquired by burning NFT cards, and required for purchasing or upgrading certain items in the Splinterlands universe. Players also use DEC to rent cards.
  • SPS tokens – the governance token of the Splinterlands ecosystem. Currently, you earn SPS for every NFT or DEC token you own. The more you own, the rarer your items are, and the more SPS you will receive. SPS also allows players to participate in community votes.

How to play and earn tokens through Splinterlands

There are various ways to earn tokens in Splinterlands. The more invested you are in this game, the better positioned you become to make money.

When you start to play without any initial investment (aside from the $10 Summoner’s Book), earnings will be little. Earning from battles and completing daily quests, will quickly position users to ramp up their earnings in the game. You will need to climb the ranks a bit before the earning mechanics will be unlocked. The developers have done this to combat the amount of bots participating in the game. 

Seasonal and daily quest rewards

Every day can complete quests and claim those rewards. The daily quest refreshes every 24 hours and changes every time. Depending on the amount of Focus Points you earned, you will receive reward packs containing cards, SPS tokens or sometimes even card packs.  

Over the course of two weeks, a Splinterlands season takes place. Depending on the highest League a player reached, and the Season Points earned, players will receive season reward packs. Also, these can contain cards, packs and SPS.

Seasonal and daily quest rewards

Energy limitations

The more you play and the better your performance, the better your SPS earnings. As you win rewards and receive cards, your account value will increase. However, players are limited by their Energy, which allows them to play 50 matches. Energy regenerates hourly, and players can only buy a new batch of 50 Energy once every 24 hours.   

Why do I get different amounts of SPS for wins?

The fact is that you are not the only one involved in the battles. The game has a certain pool of rewards and these rewards are divided between the winners of each battle. The more SPS in the pool, the more of these tokens you can get if you win. In addition, your earnings will depend on the number of players, the level of your league, and other factors.

Splinterland battle FAQ

If you want to earn even more, use Gold Foil and Alpha/Promo cards, which will give you a 10% bonus. And don’t forget the Guild bonus, which can be up to 20%.

Trading NFT Cards

If you want to generate more profit from the game, you can also do it by selling earned cards in the game’s marketplace.

Splinterlands Cards NFT Marketplace

A good strategy is to combine earned cards to improve the cards and their market prices. Burning cards for DEC tokens is another way to improve your earnings.

But if you wish to keep your assets and still profit from them, the game also allows you to rent your cards to other players.

Where to find a marketplace to trade NFTs

Splinterlands has its own built-in marketplace, allowing players to acquire NFTs using either DEC, SPS or in-game Credits.

In addition, players can find Splinterlands items on AtomicHub, the leading marketplace on the Wax blockchain.

Splinterlands land gameplay

Having started selling NFT land deeds in 2021 with great success even without utilities at the moment, Splinterlands is starting to deliver results from this new gameplay now in 2023 with the land expansion entitled The Secret of Praetoria.

As of April 2023, landowners could survey their plots to discover what’s on them for the first time. As each land is an NFT, this generated an increase in the collection’s floor price.

Splinterlands Praetoria land map

If for any reason landowners are displeased with the quality of the land they purchased unknowing its contents, they can either spend DEC tokens to boost some of the stats or develop advancements, or sell it in the non-card game NFT marketplace.

It’s worth noting that this is a new stage of the game, and every land will require development, allowing landowners to gather resources. To do so, players will also need to use their Splinterlands cards.

These resources can then be used to create items that will help players in the Splinterlands card game.

Splinterlands Rebellion Card Set: How to get your Rebellion Booster Pack

The Rebellion Card Set is Splinterlands’ latest and most ambitious card set to date. Pre-launching on 18 October and officially releasing on 5 December, this edition is a game-changer.

Rebellion Set Cards Splinterlands

With its release, Splinterlands gameplay will witness unprecedented dynamics, thanks to the introduction of new gameplay elements like dual-element Summoners, Armored Strike, Corrosive Ward, and many more. Beyond just gameplay, this update holds significant value for the game’s lore, marking a pivotal moment in the Splinterlands universe.

Splinterlands enthusiasts are in for a treat with the Rebellion Presale scheduled to begin on 18 October and continue for 30 days or until all 500,000 packs are sold out. The early birds joining the presale will be eligible for various limited-edition rewards, including two exclusive promo cards.

Exclusive promo cards Rebellion presale Splinterlands
Exclusive promo cards Rebellion presale Splinterlands

Those aiming for the top spots on the presale leaderboard will have a unique opportunity to co-design a Legendary Summoner card and earn in-game titles.

Priced at around $3.10 per pack, with options to avail discounts using VOUCHER tokens, players will eagerly anticipate 5 December when they can unleash these new cards’ potential in battles. Rebellion booster packs are available for purchase in the shop section of the official Splinterlands website.

Keep tracking top play-and-earn games

DappRadar wants to help Web3 gamers make the most of their online time. Our play-to-earn guides are the definitive step toward true independence for gamers. We hope you enjoyed learning about Splinterlands and that you have fun exploring its universe.

We will keep tracking Splinterlands’ progress as it continues leading gaming industry innovations.

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