Splinterlands Leads the Charge as GameFi Keeps Attracting Players

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Sunflower Land and Alien Worlds complete the top of the charts

While token prices have been dropping, gaming dapps kept attracting players with the trading card game Splinterlands leading the pack. The game drew more than 479,000 unique active wallets, while the SPS token price dropped 6.5%. 

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Across the board, the crypto market has taken hits as investors get shaky legs with a recession looming and inflation booming. Nonetheless, blockchain games keep seeing strong demand. In April, 52% of all unique active wallets across all blockchains interacted with a gaming dapp. That’s roughly 1.2 million wallets per day. 

We see Splinterlands being one of the heavy hitters, attracting more than 479,000 unique active wallets. As token prices drop, the number of active wallets becomes a solid metric to determine these rankings. Therefore it’s not a surprise to see Sunflower Land and Alien Worlds completing the top 3. 

To create these weekly Games of the Week rankings, we combine on-chain dapp data with token valuations and community news. Browse the complete list of the top 10 blockchain games of the month below. Click on the respective image to learn more about each platform. Alternatively, check out the handy video below, which summarizes the ranking for a quick view.

Top 10 Games – Week 18, 2022

1. Splinterlands

Continued game activity, as Splinterlands attracted over 479,000 unique active wallets, pushes the trading card game to the top of the charts. A community Town Hall event highlighted developments around the emission and use case of the SPS token, which saw a small drop in value. 

2. Sunflower Land

With 113,000 unique active wallets, the farming game Sunflower Land managed to come in second place. The migration period from Sunflower Farmers to Sunflower Land ended. Sunflower Land has become one of the most prominent projects on Polygon.

3. Alien Worlds

With a 20% increase in unique active wallets, Alien Worlds had a strong performance last week. It attracted 363,000 unique active wallets, while the native TLM token saw an 18% drop in value. This makes Alien Worlds the highest-ranked game in the Wax ecosystem.

4. Farmers World

Another popular game on Wax would be Farmers World, generating good numbers for months now. The farming game saw its audience grow 6% over the week to more than 160,000 unique active wallets. This project just keeps growing.  

5. WorldWideWebb3

In terms of on-chain user numbers (228) WorldWideWebb isn’t that spectacular, but the project keeps expanding its ecosystem with more integration and features. The developers have revealed an official launch for this month while teasing an improved V2 version of the game world.

6. Ember Sword

Even though Ember Sword doesn’t have any gameplay live, the upcoming action MMORPG made it into the charts. With NFT land floor prices around 0.12 ETH, Ember Sword is currently one of the most affordable entries into the gaming metaverse. 

7. Chainmonsters

The upcoming beta phase 2 for Chainmonsters will open up the game to everyone. This has brought a lot more attention to the MMORPG and the Flow blockchain. The open beta will launch on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. 

8. Aavegotchi

Newly launched craftable items and the increased activity surrounding collecting FUD, FOMO, ALPHA and KEK tokens have given Aavegotchi a boost. Gamers can now lend or use their Gotchi to find tokens and then craft the LE Golden Tile – Portal for the next two weeks. This is the star of the Polygon ecosystem!

9. Mobox

The GameFi ecosystem made by Mobox always generates excitement in their community. NFT drops simply do well. Even though token values are down, the gaming ecosystem on BNB Chain still attracted over 159,000 unique active wallets. 

10. Upland

With Upland, we find a regular from the DappRadar Rankings in tenth place. The blockchain equivalent of an enhanced version of Monopoly managed to attract more than 159,000 unique active wallets, a 5% increase in the past seven days. Landmark NFT sales and the upcoming Genesis Week played a role in this activity boost. 

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