Splinterlands Card Giveaway!

DappRadar is giving away 15 card packs for the #1 blockchain game!

We’re giving away 15 Splinterlands untamed card packs!

All you have to do to enter the competition is fill in the box below and wait for 2 weeks. On the 1st of July 2020, 15 winners will be announced and notified via email. 

What are you waiting for…

The #1 blockchain game

Splinterlands started life as Steem Monsters back in 2016 and has since become one of the best examples of how to integrate blockchain features with gaming.

Splinterlands is a PVP experience in which two players select from the card collection to build a deck, with the actual battle being auto-played in a deterministic manner by the game.

Steem or Hive?

Splinterlands was the most popular Steem dapp with over 4,500 daily active unique wallets, but transitioned from Steem to Hive on 1 June 2020, resulting in those users moving.

Simply put, the Steem dapp ecosystem dropped from around 8,000 daily active unique wallets at the end of May to around 3,500 daily active unique wallets overnight.

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