Spells of Genesis The Doge NFT Competition

Win legendary NFTs from blockchain gaming history!

DappRadar and EverdreamSoft have organized a competition for 10 NFTs of a legendary artwork that was originally released in the action puzzle card game Spells of Genesis. This NFT is part of a bigger collection, commemorating historical events in blockchain history.


These are the winners. Congratulations! 🥳🥳🎊

Visitors of DappRadar can join the Spells of Genesis NFT Competition and have a chance on winning an artwork called ‘The Doge’. It depicts the famous meme dog of Dogecoin. Originally they used this artwork for a tokenized game card on the Bitcoin Counterparty protocol.

The competition to win this legendary NFT starts on May 3rd, and ends on May 13th. To join, NFT enthusiasts can use the form below and provide their e-mail address and Ethereum wallet address.

The Doge (EverdreamSoft, Spells of Genesis)

On May 4th EverdreamSoft will setup their first NFT sale, featuring the now defunct GetGems project. They organized one of the earliest ICOs in the blockchain industry. The sale will take place on OpenSea. In the next three weeks new NFT sales will happen every week.

What is Spells of Genesis?

The action puzzle card game Spells of Genesis is the first blockchain-based mobile game ever made. The game uses NFTs to give players extra cards with special powers, while it also allows gamers to earn cards by leveling up in-game items. Originally these tokenized assets existed only in Bitcoin Counterparty, a protocol that allows NFTs to exist on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, later on Spells of Genesis also came to Ethereum.

In Spells of Genesis, players can earn cards and level them up by merging them. This is an important part of the gameplay, as cards increase their powers by leveling up. They go from bronze to silver and then to gold. The final and ultimate step would be blockchainization, which is actually ‘minting’ of the card onto the blockchain. 

Gamers can download Spells of Genesis for free on Android and iOS. By connecting the Casa Tookan Wallet assets from both the Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin Counterparty can be used inside the mobile game.

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