Touchable NFTs from Spellfire Now on OpenSea Marketplace

spellfire card game NFT opensea sale

Reimagining what it means to own an NFT

The first touchable NFTs from the trading card game Spellfire are now available on OpenSea, allowing NFT holders to get physical copies as well as earn passive income. The NFT collection bridges the innovation of the NFT product space with the human desire to collect and own physical items. 

The NFT cards come in different rarities, defining the price of the card: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, epic, and legendary. There are 7 legendary cards, 10 epic ones, and another 19 rares cards. Furthermore there are 21 super rares, 27 uncommon cards, and 33 common ones. There’s one NFT for sale of each card , and these cards will get 1000 physical copies. 

Digital and physical cards are connected through a QR code printed on the back of each card, making them traceable, upgradable, and playable online and offline. 40,000,000 tokens are being distributed through in-game rewards. Original NFT Cards are limited and will generate 90% revenue for the card owners.

The cheapest Spellfire NFTs available on OpenSea right now cost 0.028 WETH or roughly $105. The legendary cards will cost a lot more, and collectors can pick the ones featuring autographs of the designers up for 55 ETH. These purchases happen on the Polygon blockchain, so make sure you have ETH on Polygon to buy these. 

Check out the NFTs for sale on OpenSea

Spellfire explained

Spellfire offers an immersive storyline where players can dive into a world of magic and spells. Collecting cards and building stronger decks give fans a chance to find a place among the most powerful citizens of the Spellfire world. 

The digital version of the game suggests hundreds of carefully and artistically designed game cards that represent different characters within several distinctive levels.

SPELLFIRE : first NFT that you can actually touch

The most loyal and engaged fans and avid collectors will be able to buy game cards with custom NFTs created for them. As part of the digital ledger, and similarly to cryptocurrencies, each of these NFT cards is unique. Additionally,  they represent real-life game cards. Players could have a physical copy at home, as real as any other thing you buy with money. However, in the digital world, each card could be highly valuable and even make the holder money on its own.

Blockchain gaming grew 49% in the past quarter

The third quarter of 2021 proved that blockchain games, boosted by the play-to-earn (P2E) movement are here to stay. In Q3 2021, the Unique Active Wallets (UAW) connected to game dapps reached 754,000. This is roughly half of the industry’s activity. The footprint of games within the NFT space became more visible. Because in-game NFTs accounted for more than 20% of the record Q3 NFT trading volume. 

The blockchain industry registered 1.54 million UAW during Q3, growing 25% quarter-over-quarter (QoQ) and 509% year-over-year (YoY). One of the main drivers behind the surge of this metric is blockchain-based games. Propelled by the P2E narrative, the number of unique active wallets connected to blockchain games reached 754,000 in Q3. This amount represents 49% of the whole industry’s usage.

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