Spellfire Raised $3.8M in Quest to Redefine NFT Card Games

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Trading Card Games

Spellfire is a card game with play-to-earn mechanics

The trading card game Spellfire raised a staggering $3.8 million from many recognized investors. Spellfire offers a classic collectible card game with play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to gain sovereignty over their in-game assets while having fun playing the game. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been taking center stage since the end of 2020. Debate after debate, people’s focus has finally shifted from how these JPEGs are overpriced, gradually to what impact NFT technology can have on the future of gaming and entertainment.

Venture capitalists have also noticed that a broader NFT gaming movement is already brewing, and they are ready to fuel the boom. Spellfire Re-Master the Magic, a collectible card game (CCG), raised a staggering $3.8 million from well-known investors. 

This project has been a highly-anticipated one with investors joining since the early stage. Currently, the leading investors in this round are DAO Maker and Shima capital. In addition Genblock, IBC group, Faculty Group, IBA, Maven Capital, Autonomy Capital, x21 Digital joined the funding round.

A new era in NFT CCG games

The gaming ecosystem of Spellfire is a classic collectible card game incorporated with play-to-earn mechanism as an organic whole. In the game, the narrative unfolds with a compelling game journey, revealing the backstory of in-game characters as scenes unlock and the story evolves. Apart from the captivating storyline, the adoption of NFTs and the element of play-to-earn makes the game not only fun to play but also remunerative.  

Spellfire created the first-ever touchable NFTs, allowing players to own both digital and physical cards with both forms linked by QR code. As a result, the game can be playable on both tabletops and tablets. Another reason behind this innovation is to ensure authenticity of the physical cards. It prevents knock-off versions from messing up the market.

2021 saw a meteoric rise in the popularity of play-to-earn games. Spellfire also offers perks for perpetual profits through its NFT cards. Original NFT card owners will receive up to 10x return on investment from each subsequent sale of their cards. The more popular the card, the more profitable it will be.  

A future with NFTified in-game assets

According to Statista, in-game consumer spending accounts for the biggest share of the gaming market. In 2020, global gamers spent around $54 billion on in-game content. In 2025, the market is projected to surpass $74.4 billion. Spellfire and the wider dapp ecosystem are about to revolutionize this business.

The traditional consumption-only economy of the game industry is morphing into a ownership economy now. By proving that a person is the sole owner of the digital item, NFTs make it possible for players to enjoy the wealth generated from the industry. In this way, NFTs empower game participants to gain financial sovereignty over their digital assets.This thinking is an important factor that contributes to the explosive growth of blockchain games.

According to BGA Blockchain Game Report 2021 by DappRadar, blockchain games became the industry’s dominant category last year. As of the time of the report, game users accounted for 49% of the industry’s usage with over 1.4 million Unique Active Wallets (UAW) interacting daily with game dapps. People will see projects like Spellfire shaking up the old order of the gaming industry.  

About Spellfire

Spellfire Re-Master the Magic is a brand new take on one of the most historically significant collectible card games (CCG) of the ’90s. Backed by the modern design implementations of NFTs and Play-to-Earn, Spellfire is ready to re-enter the market at the opportune moment.

Join the magic, explore Spellfire’s magical universe.

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