Spellfire Drops 100 Rare NFT Cards On OpenSea

Spellfire Drops 100 Rare NFT Cards On OpenSea

Play and earn with limited edition Spellfire NFT cards

Spellfire, an upcoming Ethereum-based trading card game, has officially released its first limited edition rare NFT card drop. The collection, consisting of 100 NFTs, introduces land and playable characters. Interestingly, activity for this limited edition NFT card collection is already high with more than 3.9 ETH in traded volume. This is a strong indicator that Spellfire is pushing in the right direction. 

The play-to-earn movement is steadily gaining traction among both crypto enthusiasts and mainstream gaming fans. Spellfire is an ambitious project aiming to combine the hype the NFT space has been experiencing recently, with the growing importance of play-to-earn mechanics. 

With an exciting PC game coming up, the limited edition collection of Spellfire NFT cards has seen quite the activity since its launch. With upwards of 30 owners already, and a limited number of NFT cards available, Spellfire is enjoying a lot of attention and anticipation for the future game.  

Spellfire brings NFTs to the physical world

Spellfire takes the concept of NFTs a step further, by also introducing physical cards to the mix. This is an innovative way to attract more analog players to the game. Additionally, having physical cards shows that NFTs don’t have to be limited only to the digital world. 

The new Spellfire NFT card collection is already scarce in the digital world. However, the fact that there can only be one physical copy per NFT card also makes the physical cards sought-after collectibles. Additionally, owning a physical card will allow you to play with friends and family in real life. This is one of Spellfire’s ultimate goals – to create a gaming experience both in the virtual and the real world. 

What is more, the NFT versions of the cards will bring owners passive income. Owning a card from this original limited edition NFT collection will guarantee you 90% of the profit from all sales of the playing card copies. This percentage will also be credited from upgrades, unlocks, and usage. This incentive mechanism is further proof that play-to-earn and NFTs have successfully merged to become a profitable experience for players. 

If you’re curious to browse through the first-ever Spellfire limited edition NFT card collection, check out the official page on OpenSea. Don’t miss out on your chance to become part of the Spellfire universe, and re-master the magic. 

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