Farsite Players to Destroy Spaceships to Buy Virtual Land

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Next generation space economy will kick off on October 28th

The blockchain-powered sandbox MMO Farsite will allow players to destroy their spaceship NFTs in exchange for Credits, which players will need to buy land. The burning of these so-called cNFTs is the first step in launching a complete player-controlled economy.

At the moment Farsite isn’t playable yet, but players have had opportunities to acquire spaceships and other assets. Each spaceship is a cNFT, or simply said an NFT backed by collateral. The idea is that spaceships can get damaged in the game, and then it’s up to the player to find someone who can repair their ship… or simply destroy it and sell the scraps for Credits. As a result every spaceship has a base value in Credits. 

With gameplay for the sandbox MMO coming closer, the team is now introducing land ownership to its community. Gamers will need Credits in order to obtain land, and because there’s no gameplay yet, they will need to destroy spaceships. The sale of virtual land, so-called sectors, will start on October 28th.

Why are sectors important in Farsite?

Buying a sector will allow players to already build a base during the alpha phase of Farsite. Having a sector will become a vital part of the core game loop. A sector is a dedicated piece of land on the surface of a planet. Only players who own a sector will be able to join the alpha phase of the game.

During the alpha phase, base building will be simplified. Players can select a specialization for their sector, for example a mining facility, refinery, factory, modules plant or shipyard. Small sectors will have one specialization, a medium sized sector can have two, while large sectors can use three specializations. Each sector has its own map with predefined spots for resources.

Explored planets will have their surface divided into sectors. Players can acquire these to construct a base and extract resources. Sectors are NFTs, and players can trade these once the marketplace is live.

These are the sectors that will be available during the Farsite NFT land sale starting October 28th.

The team behind Farsite also worked on MegaCryptoPolis, but this time the open economy goes into the next frontier. In space, players can become a producer of resources, a trader, or perhaps someone who transports resources and goods across the galaxy. Everything that will happen in Farsite comes from the players, ranging from alliances to conflict and from production cycles to intergalactic market domination.

Farsite’s Credits exist on the Polygon blockchain, while the game also offers FAR tokens. 1 FAR token will always be 1000 Credits. Farsite is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and should be compatible with Ethereum 2.0. The game uses three layers: Ethereum (L1), Polygon (L2) and ZK Relay (L3). Credits on Polygon can be converted to FAR tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and then traded on the open market. All actions and purchases involving credits happen on Polygon, while game actions not involving Credits will happen through the L3 layer of the game.

Go to the official website, or check out the dapp page.

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