Sorare Improves User Experience for Fantasy Football NFTs

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Sorare partners with Starkware to improve scaling

Sorare, the most popular fantasy football NFT trading game, has announced a major improvement for its users. In order to boost scalability, and improve user experience, Sorare teamed up with Starkware to introduce zk-rollups to their platform. By moving to a Layer-2 solution, the platform aims to significantly increase the productivity of its services, allowing users to benefit from instant transaction confirmations. 

Sorare launched the scaling solution step-by-step on Wednesday. Over time, they will increase the number of auctions and open up all trading functions. On the official Discord, the team noted that their original launch schedule was over-ambitious. However, everything is working according to plan. For now, the Transfer Market, where players trade cards with each other, is still closed. 

Why is scaling important on Sorare?

Sorare has been enjoying increasing popularity among both sports fans and NFT enthusiasts. Over the past thirty days, the fantasy football game attracted 12% more players, boosting the number of transactions to more than 76,700. 

As the platform is steadily growing its user base, it is important to keep its functionalities optimized. Considering this, moving to a Layer-2 and introducing zk-rollups was a necessary move for Sorare.

This scaling optimization will bring several important improvements for Sorare users. First and foremost, transaction processing will be maximally optimized, allowing instant transaction confirmation. Through this significant update, the platform also focuses on achieving another major goal: bringing in the mainstream to blockchain-based fantasy football. Now, transactions happen instantly, and gas fees are completely removed. With this, Sorare aims to become as close as possible to traditional-style fantasy football games. Of course, the platform is still employing the powers of blockchain technology, however, the user experience becomes more polished.


What does the future hold?

Currently, rumors are circulating that Sorare has landed a $532 million investment from SoftBank. For the moment, neither party has confirmed the rumor. However, if this actually happens, the fantasy football game will have landed one of the biggest influxes of cash in the blockchain gaming industry. Not only that, with removing gas fees in their scaling efforts, Sorare will be saving a ton of money. Considering the fact the platform always covered the gas fees on transactions, this will be a great improvement for revenue. 

With the end of Copa America and Euro 2020, Sorare saw a steady increase in the number of users trading on the platform. There was also an increase in the valuation of fantasy football NFTs. It will be interesting to see how much the platform evolves in time for the World Cup next year. With bold scaling improvements like the one launched this week, Sorare is visibly going on a mission to bring all football fans to the blockchain. 

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