Sombra is the First Blockchain Studio for VFX artists

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Sombra is the convergence of visual effects for NFTs and the metaverse

VFX design studio Sombra is making waves in the NFT space. Experts in digital animation and VFX, create content and craft the stories that ignite the imaginations of a decentralized future. Now that partnerships with the NFL, are in the bag, the group’s SINS avatar drop is planned for early 2022. Let’s take a closer look at the company and its ecosystem. 

Founded by VFX and tech experts with deep-rooted connections to emerging technologies, Sombra brings creative content to the blockchain and ultimately the metaverse. Through the utilization of emerging technologies, Sombra aims to become the main brand portal for NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain storytelling. SMBR is the token that powers the ecosystem, a community-driven token based on rewards and utility. Used in conjunction with BNB and soon ETH on the Sombra marketplace, the SMBR token has a $7 million market cap. SMBR swapping takes place on their own Sombra Swap platform as well as Pancakeswap, and Apeswap

NFTs for the NFL

Sombra connects major brands to the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency. Plus, the group helps artists begin and progress on their journey to blockchain discovery. To date, their clients include Paypal, Adidas, and Samsung while their NFL NFTs are all the rage. Artists on the platform have skills rooted in VFX, 3D imagery, and animation. Check out the work they did with ticketing and the NFL here

Although the group primarily focuses on NFT creation as a VFX design studio, overall the platform aims to create a central hub for bespoke metaverse content. It’s a place where artists, creators, innovators, and collectors can come together to share ideas, transact and push the limits of digital goods. As a new company to Web3, the group also provides artistic representation and NFT consultancy services for individuals and companies. 

While heavily involved with well-known visual effects platforms such as Unreal Engine and Unity, the sophisticated Sombra digital creations could position the group as pioneers in the NFT space. Indeed, pushing artistic boundaries is a breath of fresh air to an NFT space that’s dominated by jpegs and Microsoft Paint drawings.

Sombra pushes NFT artistic boundaries 

As I’m sure you’ve picked up on, the artistic quality of NFTs in 2021 has been rudimentary at best. Just recently, Ape Punk #4156, one of the most expensive NFTs to date sold for over $10 million. Looking at the NFT, it’s hardly the Mona Lisa. 

At the World’s Dapp Store, DappRadar has tracked all manner of exorbitant NFT sales over the past two years. There are legions of Apes, Punks, and Crypto Kitties garnering cult appeal and massive price tags–without a great deal of artistic panache. NFTs are an exciting, unregulated, and free marketplace, but they could really do with an artistic injection. And that’s where Sombra comes in. 

Sombra’s NFT lead creator, Demian Gordon has an extensive IMDB history as well as experience pioneering the VFX behind The Matrix. Founder Brendan Oneil earned his stripes in Hollywood as well as top-level commercial work and major ad agency collaborations. He brings a wealth of knowledge from VFX studios to the table including founding Bonfire VFX. As a result, the finished Sombra NFTs are works of art. 

SINS NFT avatars 

Their first SINS avatar drop is a unique event. Users can mint one of 7777 avatars from a genetic generator as part of the drop. The twist is that if certain NFT owners are lucky, they can upgrade their avatar to a fully mocap-able 3D character for free. Consequently, the 3D character could port to the metaverse as a usable character and become accessible in their upcoming social selfie app. 

Finally, Sombra has the first and only 10% NFT buyback process within their smart contract. This means that every time an NFT is sold, a buyback of 10% happens which is then airdropped as SMBR tokens to the community. It’s a positive feedback loop: the success of the artist means the success of the community. 

There is a lot of exciting work on Sombra’s roadmap for 2022, but let’s save that for another article. In the meantime, have a browse of the beginnings of their work here. You can find Sombra Network on Telegram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

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