Ape Punk #4156 Biggest On-Chain NFT Sale of All Time

ape punk 4156 cryptopunks NFT sales

Someone paid $10,3 million for the CryptoPunks character

After an interesting evening of bids and offers, CryptoPunk #4156 changed hands for 2500 ETH or $10,3 million, making it the biggest NFT sale on the Ethereum blockchain ever. The ape punk pushes Punk #7804 from the throne, which it claimed 9 months ago with a $7,56 million price tag.

It’s quite an amazing feat to see an iconic NFT series break records, while these were given away for free over 4 years ago. The 2500 ETH purchase happened at a moment when the market turned red and various tokens have seen their value drop up to 30%. Nonetheless, CryptoPunk #4156 shows that NFT trading truly is a separate market. 

Looking at the historic all-time top sales as measured by DappRadar, we see Punk #4156 ended up in second place. The owner of Punk #9998 created some noise in November when they used a flash loan to purchase their own punk. They did so for a ridiculous amount of $529 million. 

As explained in the chart, DappRadar doesn’t count this Punk NFT sale towards the total trading volume of the CryptoPunks collection. However, it’s an event that happened on the blockchain and therefore it’s shown in our data. By providing context, we want to educate people about this particular sale. 

What about other big NFT sales

In the past year, DappRadar has reported various multi-million dollar NFT sales. Some of them made headlines in newspapers across the world, for instance, the $69 million auction of Beeple Everydays. Even though this has been the biggest NFT purchase to date, the auction took place at Christie’s. That means that the transaction of the purchase didn’t register on the blockchain. As a result, you will not be able to see this particular sale in our Top NFT Sales of all time. 

Even though DappRadar tracks NFT sales on every blockchain, the main action takes place on Ethereum, Wax, Solana, and Ronin. Polygon, BSC, and Flow follow in their foot steps. Furthermore, Avalanche, Tezos, and Waves also have a growing NFT community. Worth noting is that on the Tron blockchain we only track the sales of MegaCryptoPolis, a cross-chain city management game that has been building for over 2 years. 

When the Tron blockchain introduced the TRC-721 token for NFTs, the community acted fast. Several copycats of existing NFT collections launched, and the Tpunks are probably among the most well-known ones. The average Tpunk sells for $100 according to a Twitter bot tracking all the sales. In August this year, Justin Sun bought Tpunk #3442, paying 120,000,000 TRX or $10,5 million. 

Even though this Tpunk purchase might as well be deemed a marketing ploy, one might argue many NFT purchases on Ethereum are exactly the same. For example, Jimmy Fallon owns a Bored Ape, acquired in partnership with Moonpay. While Shaquille O’Neal bought a Creature NFT, days before launching his own NFT collection. 

Yes, the biggest on-chain purchase of all time, probably still goes to Justin Sun and his Tpunk #3442.

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