Sold out: Plot Sale on Splinterlands Boosts Activity

sold out

There are no land claims left on Splinterlands’ primary market

Splinterlands, the Hive-based trading card game, has successfully sold out all available land plots. The land NFTs are part of a major update to the Splinterlands game mechanics presumably coming later this year. According to DappRadar data, this sale also significantly boosted the total amount of value passing through Splinterlands’ smart contracts by more than 70%.

Each plot of land is an NFT, which doesn’t have any utility in the trading card game yet. There are a total of 14 different types of lands: Plains, Hills, Tundra, Swamp, Bog, Mountain, Canyon, Caldera, River, Lake, Forest, Jungle, Desert, and Badlands. Each of these corresponds to a specific class of characters in the game and allows players to collect different resources. These resources will then be used to create potions and spells. These can benefit the playing cards in the trading card game.  

Sold out!

Splinterlands achieved record activity in the past 12 hours when the last remaining 7,000 plots were sold. While initially, the game developers announced 150,000 plots for sale, the final 7,000 sold out extremely fast and at higher prices. At the beginning of the sale event, land plots sold with a fifty percent discount, but in the end, they went for $20 a piece. 

Land plot sales have been an activity booster for Splinterlands ever since land plots were first introduced in November. However, the last push that happened over the past 12 hours represents a rather remarkable spike in volumes on the blockchain. 

Plots on Splinterlands

Plot cards on Splinterlands have several important functions for the gameplay. Different land types produce a variety of resources, which are later used to build structures. There is one important condition when it comes to land in Splinterlands – there can only be one building on each plot. 

This limitation is one of the factors explaining the increased activity regarding land cards. If players want to excel in the game, they would probably need numerous plots to build more structures. In addition, they will need resources for an even bigger variety of cards to create structures or game potions.

Do not despair if you missed out on your chance to purchase land in the primary sale. Just like any other NFT, land cards can be traded on secondary markets. Marketplaces like Hive Engine on the Hive blockchain and AtomicHub on the Wax blockchain will offer secondary sales. However, you will only be able to purchase cards that someone else put up for sale. Activity on the WAX Splinterlands collection has been high in the past seven days as well.

sold out

With increases in the number of unique wallets and the volume of transactions, the Splinterlands collection is gaining momentum following the end of plot cards sale. 

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