Solana’s Mini Royale: Nations Hits 2 Million Players

This is the first Solana-based live multiplayer game

Mini Royale Nations premiered its in-game NFT collection on Solana last week, which brought new users to the platform, boosting the total to more than 2 million registered players. Mini Royale: Nations is the first live multiplayer game using the Solana blockchain, and it seems to be making a splash among the gaming community. 

Mini Royale Nations was initially published as a browser-based gaming experience, without any blockchain backing. However, with the launch of the Solana-based in-game assets NFT collection, Mini Royale Nations now enters the blockchain gaming category. Players can buy unique character skins as NFTs, making them exclusive to the owner. 

At the moment Mini Royale: Nations has more than 600,000 monthly active users, founder Alex Paley told Decrypt.The 10,000 NFTs got the community hyped, because the collection sold out within 30 seconds on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace. This sale brought $1,3 million to the developers, and those who hold on to their NFT characters will be the first to receive the upcoming CHEDDAR token. 

Despite the introduction of an in-game token, Mini Royale: Nations will not be positioned as a play-to-earn game. Nonetheless Paley wants to push the concept of player-driven economies, so if players want to join the open community surrounding CHEDDAR, they can. 

Gaming on Solana waiting for breakthrough

This year the Solana blockchain has seen plenty of action when it comes to DeFi and NFT collections. Raydium and Serum have become household names in the DeFi sector, each boosting a TVL of billions of dollars. It’s not without reason that we highlighted the success of Solana in our 2021 Dapp Industry Report. In addition Solana NFT collections like Shadowy Super Coder, and Solana Monkey Business often find their way among the top NFT collections.

When it comes to gaming, there’s lots of development happening on Solana. But the community is still waiting for the first major project launch. Star Atlas now has one passive mini-game live, but that’s not enough to carry the play-to-earn movement. With Aurory there’s an interesting RPG in the making, but again, not live yet. That’s why Mini Royale: Nations stands out. It’s the first gaming project using NFTs on the Solana blockchain, and the game – despite not using a token economy yet – already attracts hundreds of thousands of players per month.

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