Snook Game Guide: How to Play & Earn SNK Tokens

Snook Game Guide_ How to Play & Earn SNK Tokens
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Your favorite snake game has evolved into Web3

The moment you hear the word “Snook”, your mind might be transported to the memory of that classic snake game we all loved. Yet, Snook is much more than just a nostalgic trip. Let’s dive deep into this game bringing fun gameplay to the blockchain space.


What is Snook?

Snook is reminiscent of the classic Nokia snake game, yet it can be best described as the evolution of this simple concept into something far more sophisticated and robust.

Positioned on the Polygon blockchain, Snook transforms the conventional gaming landscape into a high-octane, multiplayer IO arena that operates on a “kill-or-be-killed” principle.

Setting itself apart, Snook integrates NFT game characters, heralding a novel approach to gameplay and the very understanding of modern gaming dynamics.

At present, Snook is accessible solely for desktop platforms, though a mobile iteration is currently in development and anticipated soon.

How to get started playing Snook

  1. Have a Polygon wallet: Ensure you have a Polygon-compatible wallet ready.
  2. Visit the official website: Access the Snook official website using a desktop browser.
  3. Connect Your Wallet and choose your snooks: Decide on the number of snooks you’d like: X1, X5, or X10.
  4. Select game mode and play and earn: Eat orbs, avoid snooks, kill and survive to earn SNK tokens

Snook gameplay overview

Snook represents an intertwined relationship between gameplay and its internal economy. But it is, in essence, a fun and simple game. Let’s delve into the key gameplay mechanics:

  • Movement: Your snook continuously moves. Direct it using your mouse or keyboard. For a speed boost, press the space-bar or click the left mouse button.
  • Feeding: Throughout the game, orbs appear. Consuming these increases both your snook’s size and score. The score facilitates acceleration, but be cautious: if it reaches zero, your snook is eliminated.
  • Eliminating Opponents: If another snook’s head comes in contact with your snook’s body, that snook is removed from play.
  • Lives and Loss: Each snook starts with 5 lives. Lives are lost through various means, such as other snooks, reaching a score of zero, or colliding with the arena’s boundaries.

As you play and discover more advanced tactics, like quicker acceleration and the ability to curl into a protective stance, you’ll see that Snook is easy to play but hard to master.

How to play Snook web3 game

Some of Snook’s game modes include:

Battle Arena: In this mode, 8-15 players are pitted against each other in an ever-constricting arena. The objective is to be the last snook remaining.

Big Boys Table (BBT): In this competitive mode, players commit tokens as a stake. The victor earns the pot, with a portion retained as a game fee.

Snook NFTs

In Snook, the character itself is an NFT. Called the snook (lowercase “s”), it’s an ERC721 token. All in-game events like score, traits, and appearances are stored here. On death inside the game, the snook gets burned unless resurrected by the player.

Snook snake NFTs

As players progress, their achievements are logged and attached to their NFT snook character. Players can then use this NFT character in subsequent games, or treat it as a collectible. The character also qualifies for monthly rewards from the Snook treasury.

The game’s core revolves around collecting ‘Traits’, which influence the snook’s appearance. These traits help unlock special skins, subsequently determining both in-game performance and the NFT’s value.

SNK tokens

The Snook token, represented by SNK, is the functional currency within the Snook ecosystem. Players utilize SNK tokens for various purposes:

  • Entering the game
  • Minting a new snook character
  • Resurrecting a snook
  • Participating in special game modes

Tokens used for minting are immediately burned, a process which permanently removes those particular tokens from circulation. This not only ensures token scarcity but also manages the overall supply.

SNK used in resurrections and market trades is channelled into the Snook treasury. This treasury subsequently funds staking rewards, unique skin prizes, and prize pools for tournaments.

Successful gameplay can earn players SNK tokens. Furthermore, players have the option to stake their SNK tokens, allowing them to earn additional rewards.

Currently, according to DappRadar, the SNK token’s circulating market cap stands at $277,393.36 with a current price of $0.91. The token reached its peak value in September 2021 at $2.8, whereas its lowest was in July 2023 at $0.00964. For detailed token metrics and movements, refer to its SNK Token page.

Summarizing Snook

In the evolving landscape of gaming, Snook emerges as a transformative force, amalgamating the thrill of IO games with the intricacies of blockchain and NFTs. The game’s dual-layered economic system, underpinned by the SNK token and the unique Snook NFTs, offers players not only an immersive gaming experience but also tangible economic benefits.

As players maneuver through the game, they don’t just achieve in-game milestones; they also shape the game’s economy, earn rewards, and see tangible value in their efforts.

This seamless integration of gameplay, tokenomics, and NFT utility posits Snook at the forefront of the next gaming revolution, where entertainment, skill, and economic gains coalesce.

Intrigued by Snook? The world of Web3 gaming is expansive and constantly evolving. Dive deeper and uncover more gems by checking out the DappRadar Top Blockchain Games Ranking.

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