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Discover NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming Dapps on the SKALE network

DappRadar is excited to integrate the SKALE network and its vibrant App-Chain ecosystem into our platform. Leveraging the network’s scalability and modularity, developers can create robust EVM dapps with zero gas fees for end users. Additionally, through our user-friendly interface, Web3 explorers can discover SKALE dapps easily and gain insights into their popularity and performance using key metrics such as trading volume, transaction count, and historical performance.

What is SKALE?

SKALE is a blockchain network engineered to address Ethereum scalability, user experience challenges, and transaction cost obstacles by providing zero gas fees to end users. SKALE features a network of on-demand blockchains that boast high throughput, low latency transactions, shared security, and interoperability. Equipped with configurability and modularity, SKALE empowers developers to craft customizable Dapps, meeting users’ and developers’ complex requirements more effectively.

Aiming to unlock the full potential of the Ethereum ecosystem, SKALE offers an innovative Ethereum-as-a-Service solution. This unique approach allows developers to deploy their own EVM SKALE Chain, which is upkept via a subscription-style payment to validators.

Thanks to its unique architecture, the SKALE network has saved users over $1 Billion USD on total gas fees, illustrating its cost-effectiveness. Over the last 30 days, SKALE has processed 6,645,278 transactions, highlighting its high throughput. Furthermore, the platform has attracted 65,687 users within 30 days, demonstrating its growing adoption and popularity.

Skale stats

SKALE dapps coming to DappRadar

Developers have adopted SKALE to build a dynamic ecosystem of dapps, encompassing a range of categories like NFT marketplaces, DeFi, NFT collections, and gaming. SKALE’s modularity and app-chain infrastructure draw creators from different fields, fostering innovation within the broader Ethereum ecosystem.



CryptoBlades is a web-based multi-chain NFT roleplaying game developed by Riveted Games. At its core, the game boasts a player-driven ecosystem that rewards players with SKILL tokens for defeating enemies, participating in raids, and more. 

The vision behind CryptoBlades is to empower gamers to regain control of their digital assets, embrace the play-to-earn model, and foster the adoption of blockchain technology in everyday life. Ultimately, CryptoBlades aims to provide an enjoyable and profitable experience for players, cultivate a vibrant community around blockchain gaming.


Ruby Exchange

Ruby.Exchange is a fast and comprehensive Automated Market Maker (AMM) built on the SKALE network. It employs a Dual-DEX model that links two types of trading pools through an Intelligent Trade Router. As a result, it ensures optimal order execution and low slippage swaps. 

Users can provide liquidity and farm tokens in selected pools, and stake or lock RUBY tokens for additional rewards. In addition, the platform incorporates Gemstone NFTs, offering benefits such as reduced trading fees, user profile pictures, and reward gems.



Exorde is a decentralized protocol designed to gather sentiment data from social networks worldwide. It overcomes limitations such as location restrictions and proxy barriers by employing a decentralized community. The data collected by Exorde is reliable, peer-verified, and publicly processed. It is valuable for market predictions, e-reputation analysis, and trend analysis. 

The protocol has EXD as its native token. EXD incentivizes community members to collect data based on client demands within the Exorde protocol. It also serves as a payment for contributors, facilitates client requests, and ensures that the value of data generated by the protocol is encapsulated within the token.



Gamifly is a sports metaverse with over 700,000 downloads that offer games and esports events for fans and gamers. Their first flagship product, CricketFly has become a phenomenon across Asia, growing since its launch in August 2022 with over 500K active users. Looking to utilize SKALE’s frictionless onboarding experience coupled with Zero Gas Fees, the Gamifly team has plans to onboard the cricket-mad market and onboard them seamlessly to Web3.

The platform enriches the sports fan experience through a variety of interactive games, events, tournaments, and more. Crucially, Gamifly empowers fans to participate in the decision-making processes of sports teams. As a result, it fosters a harmonious relationship between teams and their supporters.

Submit your SKALE dapps to DappRadar

DappRadar invites SKALE dapp developers to submit their applications to DappRadar and create more visibility on the World’s Dapp Store for the ever-expanding SKALE ecosystem. 

Those interested in learning more about the SKALE network and the possibilities available can start on the SKALE website and developer docs.

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