Sin City Metaverse Phase One Land Plots Sold Out

Sin City Metaverse Phase One Land Plots Sold Out
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Land NFTs will have an important role in the upcoming game

Sin City Metaverse is an up-and-coming R-rated virtual world project that has just completed its first NFT land sale. Impressively, this land sale generated over $3.5 million in trading volume, placing the collection in the spotlight. Importantly, Sin City land NFTs will have a vital role to play in the upcoming GTA-style blockchain game. 

Now that they have completed the land sale the Sin City team is working on releasing ‘Business licenses’ which will allow holders to open up shops and other enterprises when the game launches. As the Sin City roadmap continues to move forward, demand for Sin City Metaverse land continues to grow. 

During the initial land sale, collectors got access to land NFTs from four of the 17 districts in the Sin City virtual world. Each of these districts have their own background story and gameplay. Importantly, the most noticeable identifying mark is whether a district is a low-security zone or high-security zone. The security level will determine the economic mainstay of that district and by extension players’ role in the larger economy of the Sin City virtual world. 

More on the Sin City virtual world

The Sin City Metaverse aims to create a fully-functioning virtual world with its very own economy revolving around the BSC-based SIN token. Land NFTs are the starting point to enter the Sin City Metaverse. Players who own land plots are then able to design them and utilize them with the upcoming business licenses. 

The Sin City landscape consists of 15,000 land plots divided into 17 separate districts. Importantly, the premise of the upcoming Sin City game was influenced by gaming classic Grand Theft Auto, or GTA. The team behind Sin City aims to recreate the famous game onto the blockchain. They also introduce innovative play-to-earn mechanics and NFT in-game items to the game. 

As Sin City successfully sold out the first four districts in less than two hours, the team behind the game is now preparing for a second land sale. According to an official press release, this should happen sometime in February 2022. Additionally, the developers are working on launching a much anticipated in-game NFT marketplace. It will allow players to purchase items like weapons, bulletproof vests, and VIP event tickets. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the metaverse as more virtual worlds emerge. If you want to learn more about virtual worlds, Sin City, and the SIN token, check out the links below. Additionally, you can take advantage of DappRadar PRO, which gives you access to the most up-to-date NFT sales data. 

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