Sign up for 7 days of DappRadar Airdrops


DappRadar is giving away tokens for seven days!

DappRadar continues to add features to its Portfolio Tracker and now it’s time to launch our Airdrops functionality. 

Ongoing this will be the channel enabling developers to build up an audience of interested dapp users by gifting them tokens and NFTs to use.

And to test the functionality, DappRadar will be giving away tokens for the next seven days for anyone who signs up for the service.

The set-up is simple. 

Sign up for DappRadar Airdrops now and on launch day you will receive a notification. Then, you need to go back to the airdrops page and sign up with your wallet address and email.

N.B users need to confirm their participation in each airdrop when the airdrop goes live.

Day 1: SLP – the token for the Axie Infinity game

Day 2: SAND – the token for The Sandbox game

Day 3: cUSDC – Compound’s interest-bearing token for the USDC stablecoin

Day 4: CRV – the token for the Curve DeFi dapp

Day 5: SUSHI – the token for the SushiSwap DeFi dapp

Day 6: ENJ – the token from the Enjin gaming platform 

Day 7: – ETH – the token for the Ethereum blockchain

Sign up now and good luck!

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