Planet IX Game Guide: Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Skills

How to Play Win Earn Planet IX

Acquire PIX, form territories, collect wastes and turn them into precious resources

Planet IX is a popular Polygon game with skill-centric elements that get users’ attention. Without straightforward gameplay, it’s an appealing game that invites players to put their logical thinking and management skills to the test to outperform their competitors. And, of course, reap the lucrative rewards. In today’s article, we’ll bring you a clear picture of everything you need to know to nail this game.


What is Planet IX?

Planet IX is a strategy game that combines NFT, GameFi, and DeFi. It is built on the Polygon blockchain and is often seen in top positions of DappRadar’s Top Games Ranking.

The game lore unfolds on a lifeless, waste-filled planet Earth of a dystopic future. Players, or Agents of Change (AoC) in the game, need to clean up the waste and rejuvenate the planet’s surface by using drones, facilities, energy sources, biological models, and more.

The initial challenge is to restore the planet’s prosperity and make it habitable again. To do this, players need to acquire land plots called PIX and build other assets on top of them.

In addition, the game has the IXT token empowering the ecosystem and facilitating all kinds of in-game transactions and activities.

Who is behind the Planet IX team?

Planet IX was created by Nibiru Software, an innovative start-up game studio led by CEO Karl Blomsterwall and CMO Felix Bengtsson. With a background in branding, gaming, and cryptocurrency, the team brings a wealth of expertise to the development of Planet IX.

What makes Planet IX a game to keep watch

Planet IX boasts a vibrant ecosystem supported by multiple corporations, vendors, and utilities, creating a dynamic metaverse where players can explore a variety of interconnected gameplay opportunities. These in-game entities provide unique benefits and opportunities for players to progress and thrive in the game.

By requiring strategic decision-making and resource allocation, the game offers a deeper level of engagement and satisfaction for players seeking a more immersive gaming experience.

Planet IX Land NFTs: PIX and Territories

In the previous section, we’ve touched a bit on in-game assets, digital items, and tokens created on the Polygon blockchain. Different game assets have different impacts on game progression, enhancing game depth and playability. 

It’s worth noting that the holders of these assets are their true owners, and even the game’s development team can’t take these assets back. In addition, although they are generated in the game, these assets have economic value and are tradable among players.

NetEmpire PIX Marketplace Planet IX

Planet IX consists of 1.6 billion hexagonal virtual lands called PIX. Depending on their location and rarity, these PIXs fall into different classifications and tiers. But each PIX is a unique NFT.

However, a single plot of PIX is not a productive asset by itself. Only by connecting PIX to form Territory NFTs can players unlock more game mechanics to generate more rewards. For example, staking Territories can bring players rewards in IXT, the in-game currency.

There are four main types of Territory NFTs: AREA, SECTOR, ZONE, and DOMAIN, with DOMAIN requiring the largest number of total PIX to form. 

In-game token IXT

IX Tokens (IXT) are in-game utility tokens that players can use to purchase PIX in the Planet IX marketplace. Centering around IXT, Planet IX has forged a strong ecosystem that is underpinned by governance, rewards, and staking; each aspect is designed to drive future sustainability and decentralization of Planet IX.

When it comes to governance, token holders will play an important role in shaping the future of Planet IX. Through an on-chain voting mechanism, they can guide the game’s narrative, development, and growth.

Rewards in the form of IXT are available in three ways: as rewards for completing game objectives, by selling PIX on the market, or by staking. 

According to Polygonscan, IXT is held by more than 200,000 wallet addresses, larger than the number of active wallets. This may be due to the fact that there are users who are not gamers but are bullish on the game’s ecosystem and hold the token.

Via DappRadar’s Token Explore tool, we can see that the IXT price has been on an overall downward trend over the past month.

IXT stats

Click the button below to go to the IXT token page, where you can also exchange the token directly.

Core gameplay explained

It would be a far-fetched argument to say that simply buying, selling, and building land is enough to attract users.

With that in mind, Planet IX’s strong user growth trajectory is due to its innovative gameplay, of which land management is only the fundamental layer.

On top of that, users need to engage in a range of activities such as cleaning up waste, building facilities, consolidating resources, and more.

Notably, they take place in interaction with different companies. Next, we’ll uncover more in-game NFTs by introducing some critical companies and how they fit organically into the gameplay.

Gravity Grade

Gravity Grade is an interplanetary delivery company, a one-stop shop for PIX. Pack Drops are weekly drops where AoC can get a fresh batch of PIX to their inventory. These Packs are available in different sizes and contain different quantities of PIX.

For instance, a standard delivery large pack shown below contains 400 rare PIX and cost 555 USDT.

Lucky Cat 

Lucky Cat is an in-game corporation allowing AoCs to participate in raffles. These are lotteries where the winning ticket is awarded a Landmark share. Landmark is a type of NFT that grants the owner the right to earn a PIX transaction fee. 

The Marketplace fee is set to 5% and will be distributed differently depending on whether the PIX is traded in a landmark zone. If the sold PIX sits within a Landmark zone, the entire 5% fee will be collected by the Landmark and distributed to stakers of that very Landmark NFT. 

Planet IX NFT

Global Waste System

Global Waste System (GWS) is a company that turns waste into treasure. Remember that one of the players’ missions at Planet IX was to clean up the waste? They can take the collected trash to GWS for disposal.

Planet IX GWS

The company turns the waste into Astro Credits, a valuable asset that can help players upgrade their gaming experience.


ArcadeNFT is a project that combines interactive games and NFT collectibles. It allows players to participate in MMO PVE, PVP, and tournaments filled with competitive elements and receive rewards for doing so. Currently, the two projects, Planet IX and ArcadeNFT, have merged and formed the Arcade corporation within the Planet IX ecosystem.

Planet IX arcade

This partnership will unlock the potential of Planet IX in terms of eSports and gaming. At the same time, it will provide a new platform for game developers to carry out their visions.


NetEmpire is the trading zone of Planet IX and a corporation for commerce and domination. In other words, the in-game marketplace. You can buy, bid, sell and list your PIX.

In May 2023, Planet IX launched the NetEmpire Genesis NFTs. These assets will generate further NFTs (Metashares) and also other in-game assets from the entire game ecosystem. By holding a NetEmpire Genesis NFT, players gain access to continuous airdrops of assets and items from the corporation, providing them with valuable resources and advantages on their path to success.

Last but not least, the Metashare

Planet IX is a metaverse platform built with scalability at its core. Its unique corporate mechanics can constantly add new gameplay and elements to the game and thus fuels the ecosystem expansion. Arcade is a good example of this, as it enables Planet IX to deliver an eSports experience.

Theoretically, this metaverse platform could also venture into other areas, such as education, art, sports, etc., if its DAO members deem it necessary.

On top of these structures, Planet IX has another incentive layer. All corporations on Planet IX have or will have MetaShares to facilitate corporate governance. When players interact with corporations, for example, buying a Pack from Gravity Grade, part of all transactions is distributed to the corporation’s treasury. 

MetaShares holders are the beneficiaries of that treasury, just like shareholders in any traditional corporation.

What does the future hold for Planet IX?

Needless to say, the game design of Planet IX is brilliant. Its impressive data performance in the recent past also confirms its charm.

So, what will Planet IX become in the future? Can AoCs bring back life to a deserted planet? Will other animals and creatures be born on the lands? These possibilities await all users as The PlanetIX DAO takes them on a journey of exploration.

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