Secretum Solana’s Trading and Messaging Powerhouse


The messaging and trading solution the crypto community is crying out for

The Solana blockchain’s Secretum messenger and trading app is a revelation. Its user-friendly and intuitive app design hopes to render WhatsApp and Telegram obsolete. Secretum’s state-of-the-art design also enables the trading of crypto assets. It’s as easy as sending an SMS–but more about that later.

WhatsUp with Blockchain Messaging?

Firstly, let’s understand the messaging ecosystem on Secretum. It outperforms Telegram, WhatsApp, and Discord on many fronts primarily thanks to decentralization. Encrypted messages distributed across nodes take advantage of blockchain infrastructure,  from which users can earn money. Using the native SER token, users can stake, earn rewards and help expand the Secretum network.

There’s no moderation and no censorship and your data is private (take that, Zuckerburg!). That means no random popups for the thing you were just chatting to your friend about because none of your data was harvested. Let’s be frank, it’s an open secret that your private messages sometimes ‘leak’ onto other platforms for marketing purposes. With Secretum, that won’t happen. 

Plus, Secretum offers end-to-end messaging encryption with no central point of failure; it really is a privacy lover’s dream. The fully anonymous signup process via a user’s crypto wallet address is the cherry on top.

Secretum Trades Places 

As we know, Secretum is the world’s first fully decentralized, encrypted, and secure messenger. However, it’s also a phenomenal trading platform. The Secretum cryptocurrency trading function allows users to trade all crypto assets P2P. That includes NFTs and fungible tokens as well as other crypto tokens native to Solana. Trades happen instantly and at some of the lowest prices on the market thanks to Solana’s technology.

But get this, because Secretum is a messaging platform, you can trade with individuals on a one-on-one basis. Secretum helps match buyers and sellers who can contact each other via their wallet addresses. It’s fast, secure, and anonymous if you so wish. 

As you know, in the current trading ecosystem, you can make bids and offers on OpenSea. Nonetheless, you cannot message the seller privately to make your pitch. Imagine being able to directly inbox the seller of that NFT you so want. It opens up another world of communication, connection and better selling. 

The other trading and messaging feature is Secretums one-to-one and one-to-many message blasts. With these outreach messages, traders can seek out hidden liquidity. That means better trade prices and potentially better trade execution times. 

Food for the SOLana

Despite Solana’s late entry to blockchains, it’s a complete DeFi solution. It recently surpassed $12 billion in TVL, increasing 50% from September, while it also offers a wide catalog of upcoming games. As a fast and secure blockchain with a growing audience, building a powerful messaging platform makes sense on Solana.

NFTs generated over $4.2 billion in trades in October alone; it’s an industry segment showing no signs of slowing down. The Solana blockchain, for example, is prominent in DappRadar’s October report. The hype around the blockchain and its capabilities as a source for NFTs is hard to underestimate. 
Incidentally, if you want to learn how to value NFTs, check this report. Or if you’re in a hurry, use our NFT Value Estimator.

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