Samsung Unveils New Galaxy S22 Phone in Decentraland

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100,000 attendees at Samsung’s 837X space in the Decentraland metaverse

South Korean tech giant Samsung has unveiled its new Galaxy S22 smartphones at its virtual 837X space in the Decentraland virtual world. Over 100,000 users attended the metaverse event on Wednesday, February 9, making Samsung’s 837X HQ one of the most visited parcels in Decentraland.

Despite tech issues and an apparent disliking by some media outlets about the metaverse setup, the announcement went well as onlookers applauded Samsung for its efforts to bridge real and metaverse worlds. Additionally, those not yet happy to dive right into the metaverse tuned into the event from Twitter and other social media platform live streams.

The electronics company showcased the new Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on a screen in the Samsung 837X space’s Connectivity Theater. However, one feature, designed to let users purchase the devices, suffered technical issues, with many people voicing their annoyances on Samsung’s Twitter.

Others started rumors online that scalpers and robots were trying to steal the show. Meanwhile, some complained that they could not collect the NFT token badge rewards for completing the event’s treasure hunt game. 

Samsung opened the virtual version of its 837 flagship store inside Decentraland back at the end of 2021. The virtual 837X store serves as a showcase for the company’s latest announcements and features three areas: the Connectivity Theater, the Sustainability Forest, and the Customization Stage. 

Metaverse events 

Having orchestrated our own RADAR token launch event inside the Somnium Space virtual world in December 2021, DappRadar is no stranger to the myriad of tech and other issues that need to be jumped over to conduct a successful event in the metaverse. Samsung took the initial steps to build out its flagship store in Decentraland and has now hosted more than 100,000 people in one way or another in its space. A feat that should not be downplayed.  

Giving people the opportunity to participate in such huge events alongside individuals from all over the globe is one thing. Taking action within them and purchasing or reserving an item takes it further. Earlier this week, we reported that McDonalds had filed ten trademarks revealing plans to open a virtual restaurant featuring actual and virtual goods with further plans to offer home delivery as the metaverse concept continues to evolve. 

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