Ronin Network Can’t Keep Up with Free Transactions

ronin transactions capacity

RON will solve these problems

Vietnam-based development studio Sky Mavis has acknowledged problems with their Ronin blockchain, as users see their transactions failing. They stated that peak levels of activity caused problems with the gas-free network nodes. According to the company, their upcoming RON token will solve these issues.

The Ronin blockchain currently runs two dapps tracked by DappRadar; Axie Infinity and the Katana DEX. Katana was responsible for 60.000 transactions per day in the past few days, while Axie registers 3.3 million transactions per week. That makes for roughly 4 million transactions per week, and that’s without counting all the NFT trading on the marketplace.

At the moment all those transactions are free of costs, as users don’t need to stake or pay for gas fees. That will change once the RON token has been deployed. Sky Mavis will deploy the RON token so that users can pay for gas fees. Then the Ronin network will no longer need to rely on a limited number of gas-free RPC nodes, as instead the transactions will get executed by many nodes across the network.

Wen RON?

Ronin will get its RON token sooner than later. However, the team stated that RON isn’t ready for release yet. Therefore they are working on other solutions to improve network stability. 

Axie Infinity players can currently earn RON tokens by providing liquidity on the Katana DEX. However, they can’t claim RON yet. Claiming their yield farming rewards will be enabled as soon as the RON token becomes an actual part of the Ronin ecosystem. 

Last week Sky Mavis released their mobile wallet, making it easier then ever to interact with assets on Ronin. This latest product launch supporting the Axie Infinity ecosystem comes after a stellar month that saw on-chain activity increase 27% to 635.000 unique active wallets in October. 

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