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Everything you need to know about the ultimate Web3 racing experience

With Rebel Cars, the Elysium blockchain gets its first car racing ecosystem. Rebel Cars is packed with innovation that leverages non-fungible tokens in a new way, while also elevating the gameplay experience. In this guide we will look at the technical aspects of Rebel Cars, while also diving into the gameplay features. 

Gamers who have a passion for cars and racing games, will feel right at home with Rebel Cars. This blockchain gaming ecosystem combines the technical advancements of the Elysium blockchain, with topnotch racing fun. But let’s start by diving into the premise of Rebel Cars.

What is Rebel Cars

Rebel Cars, abbreviated as RC, describes itself as a blockchain-based car racing ecosystem, where players can own, buy, sell or trade cars, car parts and tracks. However, the game really shines in the gameplay, where it combines top class car racing physics with ultra realistic graphics. 

Rebel Cars offers different game modes, suitable for all kinds of gamers. Those who want to dabble in Web3, could go into the Collector’s Mode. They can trade NFT assets on the marketplace and interact with the community. However, players can also race in their cars. 

Rebels Cars will offer a single-player career mode, while also letting players compete in online races or play together in a co-op mode. 

In addition, Rebel Cars will let players create wonderful photographs of their cars, through the free roaming Turismo Mode and the option to take snapshots. Those who love racing culture will also be happy to know that they can bet on the best drivers the community has to offer.

Rebel Cars on the blockchain

Rebel Cars will utilize the Elysium blockchain to manage its digital assets. There’s the RC token for in-game utility, while game items exist as NFTs on the blockchain. 

How to play Rebel Cars

Rebel Cars is accessible for everybody, and you don’t need any blockchain knowledge to play and enjoy the game. Moreover, the game aims to provide smooth interfaces with tutorials to help newcomers understand the potential. To play the game, you do need an account on, and you need to download the game client.

Rebel Cars has lots of free-to-play options, allowing players to play without paying anything. 

However, certain premium features or assets might require in-game purchases. Initially Rebel Cars will only be available for PC gamers, but other platforms may be considered based on demand and feasibility. 

The RC token explained

The in-game economy of Rebel Cars revolves around the RC token, the native currency of the game. Players can earn RC by winning races, challenges, trading and direct investments. Gamers can also use the currency to purchase new cars, upgrade car parts, enter special events, or to trade items on the marketplace. This marketplace and the betting elements of Rebel Cars will also be available through smartphones and web browsers.

Rebel Cars Game modes

Gamers can expect a variety of game modes, including:

  • Collectors
  • Career
  • Tourismo & Photography
  • Online Racing
  • Betting

Each game mode has its own challenges and rewards. As a result, gamers can expect different types of racing experiences within Rebel Cars. Some events will require RC tokens to access. This separates premium events from the regular ones. 

Earning rewards

Players can earn rewards in Rebel Cars by trading items, renting their cars, creating custom cars, winning races and tournaments, betting, completing challenges and a lot more, all powered by Elysium. If you’re a racing aficionado, you will find something in Rebel Cars that puts your interest in the fifth gear.  

Rewards in the game come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. These rewards can for example include the in-game currency RC, exclusive NFTs or other digital assets. 

In addition, Rebels Cars will feature an option to place bets on races. As a result the game rewards active and skilled players, but also allows users to earn through participation. 

How many cars does Rebel Cars offer?

Rebel Cars is still in development, but the team wants to offer 100 different cars from the start.

Each car will have unique characteristics and performance attributes. In the next two years, a roster of more than 1,000 cars, will be created and will include some of the upcoming supercars for 2024 and 2025, unique concept vehicles and custom orders for Tier 1-3 users. 

These cars will vary in different attributes, and of course in their car physics behaviour  including:

  • Top speed 
  • Acceleration 
  • Handling
  • Durability
Rebel Cars different cars, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mclaren, BMW M1 ProCar

Vehicle customization 

Aside from having hundreds of cars, players will also be able to customize the vehicles. Upgrades and enhancements for each type of vehicle will include alteration to the engine and suspension. In addition, there can be aerodynamic modifications and cosmetic changes. (car paints, decals full livery editor)

No matter whether you have a vintage model or a futuristic design, players can customize every car. Players can alter the colors and decals on a car, or add performance enhancements that affect speed, acceleration, and handling.

Rebels Cars vehicle render Good Year wheels

Gamers can upgrade their car by acquiring parts from the in-game shops. All transactions will require RC tokens. 

How does rarity work?

Like in the real world, car parts and car themselves can either be very common or rare. Rebel Cars categorizes the car parts into 5 distinct categories:

  • R5 : Common  = 50%
  • R4 : Rare = 25%
  • R3 : Epic 15%
  • R2 : Legendary 4% 
  • R1 : Unique 1%

Depending on the rarity category, there’s a limited amount of items available. Likely, demand, scarcity and the in-game performance will influence rarity levels. This rarity impacts the availability and value. 

Trading and selling cars on the marketplace

Rebel Cars will have its own marketplace where players can trade game items using the RC token. In addition, the marketplace will allow players to trade items against items. On the marketplace you can find the official Rebel Cars vehicles, but also the user generated cars, parts and tracks. 

Rebels Cars NFT marketplace

Renting or borrowing cars

Aside from buying, the marketplace will also support renting cars. Players can rent rare, epic, legendary and unique cars for flexible durations. The costs for renting depend on the car rarity and the rental duration. 

When you rent a car, there are limited options for customization. Upgrades will only be temporary, for as long as the rental period lasts.

Rebels Cars vehicle render backside

Creating and earning from creating tracks

Rebel Cars allows players to create and share their own race tracks on the Elysium blockchain. The game will offer creation tools, but third-party 3D software is also supported. Players will be allowed to monetize their racing tracks, and generate a source of income. 

The benefits of VIP access

Rebel Cars will have a VIP membership which gives players early access to content, discounts on the marketplace, and access to VIP-only events. The VIP membership comes in different tiers, based on the amount of RC tokens you hold. The more RC tokens you have, the higher your VIP tier. Depending on your tier, you may receive discounts and even a free custom order CGi Car NFT 1/1 asset.

You don’t only get benefits from VIP memberships when buying stuff, but also when you win.

Because VIP members receive increased rewards, and have access to exclusive cosmetics. In addition, VIP members can vote or order custom cars and maps to enhance their gameplay experience and opportunities. 

Rebel Cars vehicle render side view

Betting on races in Rebel Cars

Aside from racing, players can also bet on the outcome of races. Players will be able to bet on races in different game modes, like time trials, circuit races, drag races etc. There will be limitations in the minimum and maximum amount people can bet. And of course you will need RC tokens to place your bets.

The betting odds will fluctuate based on the skill of participants, the performance of the different cars and the conditions of the track. Betting is open to all players, regardless of their VIP status. 

The system will automatically distribute the winnings among the lucky betting participants, but a small fee will go to the Rebel Cars ecosystem to finance server costs and further development of the game. 

Join the Rebel Cars community

Rebel Cars invites gamers and racing enthusiasts to join their Discord server. In addition, they have a wealth of information available through their website, forums and social media channels.

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