Ready, Set, Go for New NFT Collection Torque Squad

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Goodbye F1 Delta Time and hello new additions to the REVV Motorsport ecosystem

Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Motorverse Corporation is launching a new NFT collection called the Torque Squad on April 2nd. A total of 8,888 NFTs will be available for sale in a minting event starting on Sunday.  

Another week, another NFT project launch. But this collection from the Motorverse Corporation, an Animoca Brands subsidiary, has some real heft behind it. The Motorverse Corporation will soon integrate into the REVV Motorsport world and holders of the Torque Squad NFTs will have access to cross-platform experiences within the gaming ecosystem.

News of the launch comes on the back of REVV Motorsport’s March 15th Twitter post that one of its most successful play-to-earn racing games, F1 Delta Time, ceased operations. The company made the shock announcement that it was not able to renew its licensing agreement with Formula 1. 24 hours later, it was all over.

F1 Delta Time had been a mainstay of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem since it launched in 2019. The racing game made headlines when its now-legendary 1-1-1 sold for 415.9 ETH and won the title of 2019’s most expensive NFT. At the time, this equated to approximately $113,124. Those were the days.

1-1-1: 2019’s most expensive NFT

Interestingly, following REVV Motorsport’s March 15th Twitter post, the price of the ecosystem’s native token REVV went up by 14% to $0.101. Since then, it continued to climb and now sits at $0.109. 

What is Motorverse and its Torque Squad?

Motorverse ‘is a motorsport-centric lifestyle platform on blockchain’ with an ecosystem based on the key pillars of ‘games, fashions, events, DeFi and more.’ It will join the existing REVV Motorsport stable that already includes REVV Racing, MotoGP Ignition and Formula E: High Voltage.

The Torque Squad project has partnered with some of the world’s top racers across the world of motorsport. And ‘The Soundtrack to Motorverse’, composed by Grammy nominee Tina Guo and composer Steve Mazzaro, will be available on Spotify soon.

Legendary racers have partnered with the Torque Squad project

Aside from gaining access to other platforms within the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, holders of Torqies will get true utility from their tokens:

  • Access to real-life and virtual events, with VIP tickets to Grand Prix and esport live streams up for grabs.
  • Fashion and streetwear goods in real life and the virtual world.
  • The Motorverse itself, which is being touted as a web3 social platform for motorsport enthusiasts.
  • Early access to future NFT releases from the Torque Squad and the Motorverse.
  • Holders of Torqie NFTs will get access to other parts of the Animoca Brands burgeoning metaverse ecosystem.

Avatar racewear will denote its rarity. There are six types of outfit:

  • Motorsport – 3,010 (33.9%)
  • Street – 2,767 (31.1%)
  • Future – 1,477 (16.6%)
  • Space – 1,188 (13.4%)
  • Ghost – 436 (4.9%)
  • Sentinel – 10 (0.1%)

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a Sentinel drops into my lap next week.

The minting press is rumbling into action

The upcoming minting event is set to begin on April 2nd and will be open first to OG followers of the project who can pick up an NFT for 0.064 ETH ($217 at the time of writing). Motorverse will then welcome whitelisted members on April 3rd with the price at 0.08 ETH ($271 at the time of writing). The public sale will start on April 6th.

You can still get on the Torque Squad whitelist by joining their Discord server and following the instructions in the ‘whitelist-info’ feed. But even without your name on the whitelist, you still have the chance to bag your own Torqie NFT by entering the public sale. by Make sure to follow the Torque Squad social media for the latest updates on timings, locations and processes.
To follow this project’s story, stay tuned with the DappRadar blog. You can also carry out your own research by using our tools and trackers like Token Explorer and our NFT rankings pages. Our Twitter feed will keep you up to date with all breaking news and you can attend weekly events by joining our Discord server.

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