RADAR & Contribute2Earn Benefit Businesses and Dapp Community

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DappRadar will expand its dapp store concept to their business-to-business line-up of services. The RADAR token’s Contribute2Earn utility will help to lay the foundation.

As announced today, we’ll be expanding the dapp store concept to our business-to-business line-up. This will build on the existing services we’ve offered our long list of partners over the years. The RADAR token’s Contribute2Earn utility will help us lay the foundations for, maintain and grow this new offering in the long term.

As you all know, we recently remodelled DappRadar to The World’s Dapp Store to better reflect our increasingly comprehensive product suite – from dapp rankings, through in-depth reports and analyses, to asset valuation and management tools, like our Portfolio Tracker and NFT Estimator. These are the tools that we’ve been providing you, our loyal users, via the DappRadar platform. But we’re providing far more dapp users out there with our dapp rankings and more via our partners, including MyEtherWallet and Blockchain.com, among others. 

The core service we’ve provided our business-to-business partners to date is our dapp rankings, to power and enrich their own Web3 offerings. The primary reason they’ve chosen to partner with us: the reliability of our data. We not only aggregate on-chain data, but process and refine it through our proprietary technology, and – adding an extra layer that’s about to get even more important – vetting by the DappRadar community. 

Our community is our greatest asset in that it has, over the years, helped us identify countless malicious dapps and dubious projects. In applying a human intelligence filter to our data processing mechanisms and machine learning algorithms, it has essentially served as an early warning system, ensuring our rankings feature legitimate projects and thus protecting dapp users. With the introduction of the RADAR token and its Contribute2Earn utility, this human intelligence filter will be supercharged. 

Our mission is to build a DappRadar ecosystem: a dapp store that is decentralized, autonomous, most importantly – community-powered. Enter the RADAR token and Contribute2Earn – an incentive structure that works seamlessly within DappRadar and its governance system, and aligns with the influence of the community.

As outlined in the RADAR whitepaper (p. 36), 40% of the total supply of our native token is allocated for ‘Community’, with the intention of rewarding those who contribute to the DappRadar ecosystem, including developers, builders, managers, content creators, community managers, moderators, and testers, and others whose efforts will help make DappRadar a gateway for those active in the wider blockchain ecosystem. Contribute2Earn will systematize this participation, to ensure we build a thriving and reliable dapp store that benefits contributors, end users, and partners wishing to build their own dapp store offerings.

Thanks to RADAR and Contribute2Earn, DappRadar’s existing and future partners stand to benefit not only from a greater volume of even more reliable data, but also, as we continue to grow with the help of the community – from a full dapp store infrastructure to power all dapp stores. The World’s Dapp Store, as we see it, will cover the full dapp user journey – from discovery, through tracking and market analysis, to asset trading and management tools. 

In opening our data streams and dapp toolset, The World’s Dapp Store will be made available to any business looking to develop their own dapp store. Ultimately, we believe this concept will challenge and replace traditional app store mechanics, to push forward the core values of decentralized applications: user sovereignty in the form of real ownership, data-driven discovery, and decentralized storage, along with DappRadar’s “0% dapp store tax” policy. 

Join the DappRadar community on Discord and discuss. When the time comes, you will need RADAR to vote. If you want to learn more about RADAR, check the token page, and don’t forget to see if you’re eligible for the RADAR airdrop.

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