RADAR Community Vote: Multichain Approach & Single Token Staking

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Voting live until 3PM UTC on April 13, 2022

The second DappRadar Community Proposal has now gone live, giving RADAR token holders the opportunity to vote on the future of the World’s Dapp Store. This proposal introduces single token staking on three different blockchain platforms and an extension of the existing liquidity rewards on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Holding tokens can be great for financial gain, but it has also never been easier to cast a vote. With the RADAR token, people have a say in the future of the World’s Dapp Store. Those who held tokens in a personal wallet or provided liquidity on SushiSwap at the time of the snapshot (April 6th, 12:36:32 PM UTC, block 14,532,342) now have a say. Thanks to blockchain technology you don’t need to be a billionaire to influence a company, and you don’t need to stand outside in the rain to cast a vote. 

Everybody with RADAR tokens in their wallet can now go to https://vote.dappradar.com, connect their web3 wallet, and cast a vote. The weight of each vote is determined by the amount of tokens in their particular wallet. Individuals with multiple valid wallets can cast multiple votes. 

Join our first DappRadar Community Call

We invite everybody in the community to join us on Discord for on-going conversations about DappRadar, future updates and the RADAR token. As a matter of fact, we invite you to join us Tuesday April 12th at 5PM UTC on Discord for the first DappRadar Community Call. During this monthly event the DappRadar team will reveal their plans moving forward, while the community can ask questions. 

The first DappRadar Community Call takes place one day before the DappRadar Community Proposal vote ends. Read the proposal here, ask questions during the call and cast your vote.

DappRadar Community Call (join us on Discord)
Tuesday, April 12, 2022 – 3PM UTC / 5PM CET / 11AM EDT / 8AM PDT / Wed 13, 1AM AEST

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