RADAR Community Vote: Bounties Platform Layer3 Vs. DeWork

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Voting live until May 25, 2022, 12:00 PM UTC

The third DappRadar Community Proposal has now gone live, allowing RADAR token holders to vote on the future of the World’s Dapp Store. This proposal introduces two potential platforms for hosting our bounties program for the broader Contribute-to-Earn setup. 

By holding the RADAR token, people have a say in the future of the World’s Dapp Store. Those who held tokens in a personal wallet or provided liquidity on SushiSwap at the snapshot (May-19-2022, block 14,805,455) now have a say. Thanks to blockchain technology, you don’t need to be a billionaire to influence a company, and you don’t need to stand outside in the rain to cast a vote. 

Layer3 Vs. DeWork

Bounties and community contributions are essential steps towards DappRadar’s big plans: Contribute-to-Earn. DappRadar is undergoing a transformation process that is focused on turning from a fully centralized and opaque company to a decentralized and transparent entity.

To move forward with this initiative, research was done on two platforms that will enable the collaboration between DappRadar and the community in a transparent and accessible manner.

These two platforms are Layer3 and DeWork.

Everybody with RADAR tokens in their wallet can now go to https://vote.dappradar.com, select DCP-3, connect their web3 wallet, and vote on which platform they think would be best. The weight of each vote is determined by the number of tokens in their particular wallet. Individuals with multiple valid wallets can cast multiple votes. You can also find the specifications and benefits of each platform on the voting page.

Listen back to our second Community Call 

The second DappRadar Community Call welcomed our CEO Skirmantas Januškas, our CDO Dragon Dunica, Product Lead Julija Bakanė, and Head of Content, Robert Hoogendoorn. Together with our host, Ian Kane, they explained everything about RADAR token staking and multichain status updates, bounties, how we are reshaping content, product updates, and much more. 

More about the DappRadar PRO Membership

Everybody who holds 5,000 RADAR tokens in their Web3 wallet automatically becomes eligible to be a DappRadar PRO member. This PRO membership gives you access to more detailed search options, filters, and data points. It’s an ideal membership for those who actively want to discover new dapps, new NFT collections, and the latest trends.

You can read more about the RADAR token on our information page.

How do you enable PRO?

  • Win 5,000 RADAR in the Easter Egg Hunt or go to our token swap to acquire some
  • Simply hold the RADAR tokens in your Web3 wallet (Metamask, Wallet Connect, etc.)
  • Make an account on DappRadar and connect your Web3 wallet
  • You can see the status of your PRO membership on this page
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