R-Planet NFT Sale Pushes Project to Top of the Charts

R-Planet NFT
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$3,15 million in NFT sales and trading in past 7 days

On Saturday R-Planet had an NFT sale, which generated more than $2,3 million in revenue. Overall the yield farming exploration game on the Wax blockchain has seen its community purchase and trade more than $3,15 million in NFTs in the past 7 days.

R-Planet is an exploration and mining game on the Wax blockchain, which attracted 5,071 traders in the past 7 days. That’s an increase of 711%. These users have been responsible for $3,15 million during the same period, which is an increase of 1039% week-over-week. 

The reason why R-Planet is suddenly performing so well is that an NFT sale took place. The project sold a whole bunch of NFTs that would allow the owners to yield farm AETHER tokens. 

Players of R-Planet can earn AETHER by staking a variety of NFTs on the Wax blockchain. Staking these special R-Planet NFTs will generate a lot of AETHER tokens. 

AETHER is the in-game currency for R-Planet, a game about exploration and discovery of resources. However, the blockchain token is also the foundation for the construction of robots. These are needed for upcoming competitive game modes. 

Wax NFTs almost untouched

Even though token prices, and therefore also WAXP, dropped in value, NFT trading on the Wax blockchain thrived. Alongside R-Planet other NFT collections had a strong performance as well. For example, Alien Worlds increased its trading volume by 89% to more than $1,04 million. In addition, Topps MLB more than doubled its volume to $691,910.

Even when looking at the entire NFT market on Wax, there has been a significant increase over the past 7 days. Leading marketplace Atomic Hub had 82,079 active user wallets, up 12%. However, trading volume is up 238% to more than $6,41 million.

Smaller marketplaces like Myth Market and Waxplorer have seen their activity grow more than 130% as well. These NFT markets had $95,050 and $93,510 in trading volume respectively. 

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