Puma Launches NFTs & Metaverse Experience at New York Fashion Week

Puma Launches NFTs & Metaverse Experience at New York Fashion Week

The giant sportswear brand is going deeper into Web3 during the biggest event in the fashion industry

In a recurring trend of giants, Puma has once again explored what results from a mixture of fashion and the Metaverse. The brand has chosen to launch its very own Metaverse space called Black Station, along with exclusive NFTs, at the New York Fashion Week 2022.

We are seeing the most revolutionary edition of the NYFW event ever, with full favor of digital collectibles integrated into the world of fashion.

At Black Station, Puma presents a 3D space where people can discover their new NITRO NFRNO and NITRO Fastroid sneakers. It’s also where the brand will showcase the NYFW immersive runway show “Futrograde” on September 13.

By accessing each of the three portals in the lobby space, you discover the new sneakers – linked to Puma’s NFT Nitropass mint, and, although not yet available, the Futrograde show.

NITRO and Fastroid Sneaker
NITRO NFRNO and NITRO Fastroid Sneakers, debuting at NYFW

The show will feature collections with remixed retro signatures and innovative collaborations to strengthen the brand within the Web3 space.

In the official press release, Puma expressed that Black Station is a new portal for digital exploration across fashion, sports performance, the brand’s heritage classics, and innovation.

Puma’s NFT ventures

While Vogue Magazine had to ask and explain, “What’s Puma Doing at New York Fashion Week?”, we at DappRadar have been following the brand’s journey into the NFT space for a while.

Earlier this year, Puma renamed its official Twitter account to Puma.eth and reserved the ENS domain only for 6 months, until October 2022. Moreover, the Crypto and NFT portfolio tied to Puma.eth contains some collectibles from well-known projects.

NFTs on Puma's Portfolio via DappRadar
NFTs on Puma’s wallet via DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

At DappRadar, you can have a sneak peek at celebrities’ NFT portfolios. Visit the Celebrity Crypto & NFT Wallets Rich List

Fashion meets Web3

This isn’t the only fashion vanguard testing innovative partnerships and launching NFTs in recent times.

Like Puma, other famous fashion brands have also launched partnerships and collections on Metaverse. Adidas, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and, more recently, Nike, have also entered the game.

In December 2021, Nike bought one of the most innovative fashion companies in Web3, RTFKT Studios. With experience creating digital wearables, collectibles, and the blue-chip CloneX NFT collection, this partnership raised the bar for what could become the future of fashion.

Keep following the biggest NFT projects out there

While more and more so many rich and powerful are coming into NFTs and decentralized applications, this space is made for everyone.

These trends only demonstrate what the future of fashion will look like and how we communicate. The Metaverse will increasingly be a part of us – and we’d better be prepared.

If you’re interested in learning more about NFTs and Metaverse trends, make sure to check out the DappRadar blog for some awesome educational content.

We also cover the most important latest news in the industry, so you should keep up with our Twitter to stay ahead of the game.

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