Puma Enters the NFT Space, Locks in an ENS Domain

Puma Enters the NFT Space, Locks in an ENS Domain
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Gutter Cat Gang teases collaboration as well

Sportswear brand Puma has joined the NFT space and follows in the footsteps of competitors Nike and Adidas. The popular sports company renamed to Puma.eth on Twitter, weirdly reserving the ENS domain only for 6 months until October 2022. 

As the metaverse heats up, more mainstream brands turn to NFTs and the wider web3 space. Puma is the latest in a growing list of clothing and fashion companies to make a jump into the crypto space. Competitor Adidas has already made a splash with its branded NFT collection, while Nike went on a shopping spree and purchased metaverse fashion brand RTFKT. 

Aside from purchasing Puma.eth, the sportswear company has also teased a partnership with the Gutter Cat Gang NFT collection. Details about this collaboration have not been made public yet, however, a very poignant message appeared on the Gutter Cat Gang’s Twitter feed

What’s more, the NFT portfolio tied to Puma.eth contains Gutter Cat #1110. The NFT landed in the company wallet a couple of days ago after the company paid 7.25 ETH, or about $18,494 to the previous owner. 

While details regarding the upcoming Gutter Cat Gang collaboration are still shrouded in mystery, Puma has also partnered up with chess player Magnus Carlsen. Carlsen made it to the crypto spotlight recently. He purchased virtual land in The Sandbox, and effectively brought the chess world to web3. 

What else is there in the Puma.eth wallet?

Puma has already started building an impressive crypto portfolio. In terms of NFTs, the sportswear brand has bet animal-themed collections. Aside from Gutter Cat #1110, the company wallet contains a Lazy Lions NFT, a Cool Cats NFT, and a Kuddle Koala NFT.

Aside from the 17 NFTs present in Puma’s portfolio, the company wallet also holds about $27,449 worth of Ethereum. According to the DappRadar usage statistics tool, the wallet has interacted solely with secondary marketplace OpenSea. Puma has spent around $250 in gas fees to date. 

An interesting detail is that Puma has not yet ventured into some of the most popular animal-themed collections. Specifically, Bored Ape Yacht Club. Other big names like CryptoPunks and CyberKongz are also missing from Puma’s portfolio. Still, the company has just announced its venture into the NFT space, so DappRadar will keep monitoring Puma.eth. 

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