Proxcity Game Guide: The New City Simulator on Base

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All you need to know about the game dropping its demo this October

Although recent, Base blockchain is already home to many successful dapps. Could Proxcity be one of them? The city-building simulation game promises to please play-and-earn gamers. Find out how you can earn rewards, everything about the gameplay, and how to access the game when it launches.


What is Proxcity?

Proxcity is a city-building simulation game on the Base blockchain. Drawing inspiration from classic city simulation experiences such as SimCity, Proxcity introduces a unique blend of traditional gameplay and blockchain dynamics. This integration amplifies the challenges and rewards, adding depth and nuance to the city management experience.

Proxcity Gameplay Preview Demo
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When is the game launching?

The much-awaited free-to-play Proxcity demo is slated for release on 18 October. Post-demo, the team will shift gears, focusing on game features like missions, a tax system, claiming systems, and a variety of gameplay mechanics. Continuous updates are expected for the demo, with the full game release anticipated in early December.

Early beginnings, WRLDMind and NFT Worlds

The journey of Proxcity is rooted in its initial concept, WRLDMind, a project meant to function within the NFT Worlds game on Minecraft. However, following Microsoft’s unexpected ban on NFTs in Minecraft in 2022, both projects shifted their strategies.

NFT Worlds rebranded as HYTOPIA, while WRLDMind evolved into the now-anticipated Proxcity.

How to earn rewards from playing Proxcity

One of the most enticing aspects of Proxcity is its play-and-earn model. As players immerse themselves in city management tasks – from land ownership to staking and balancing urban services – they’re presented with opportunities to earn.

Furthermore, once the demo releases, there are immediate plans to reward players based on their gameplay, offering an added incentive to dive into the Proxcity universe.

PRXCTY token

Integral to Proxcity’s economy is the PRXCTY token. While details are still unfolding, we know that this token will play a pivotal role in the game’s ecosystem.

The upcoming migration and deployment of a new token contract to the Base chain and integration into the game are anticipated steps post-demo release.

Proxcity land

Land ownership is central to the Proxcity experience. Players can purchase, stake, and manage land plots, each offering unique challenges and rewards.

With the demo’s imminent release, there’s a golden window for early birds to acquire land plots at a discounted rate. The subsequent developments will see adjustments to land plot metadata, enhancing gameplay even further.

Get started playing Proxcity

Engaging early with Proxcity offers players a unique opportunity to shape the game’s future. The demo serves multiple purposes: gathering invaluable feedback, identifying and rectifying bugs, and showcasing the game’s potential.

As a player, being part of this phase not only allows a sneak peek into the Proxcity world but also ensures you’re well-prepared for its full-fledged release.

Make sure to follow Proxcity’s official X account to keep up with the project’s updates.

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