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Learn about setting up a Matic wallet.

In an era of high Ethereum gas prices, the advantages offered by scalability solutions such as Matic Network are very important especially for dapps with high transaction volumes and low-value activity.

And that’s why game developers have been particularly keen to integrate this technology. 

One project quick to get up-and-running on Matic is Blockchain Cuties Universe, which is the first game to run across five different blockchains; Ethereum, TRON, EOS, NEO, and now Matic.

Of course, to play a game using the Matic blockchain, you’ll first have to set up a Matic wallet and transfer some tokens. Helpfully, we’ve made a video explaining how to do this

Once you’ve completed this it’s time to go to Blockchain Cuties Universe. (Other games currently supporting Matic include 0xUniverse and CryptoAssault.)

We’re going to log into Blockchain Cuties using the Matic option via our Metamask Ethereum wallet. (Because Matic is compatible with Ethereum, the simplest way to set up a Matic wallet is using an existing Ethereum Metamask wallet.)

However, we will need to add some settings to Metamask so it can work with the Matic blockchain. In order to do this, we go to the dropdown menu in Metamask and choose the option of creating a ‘Custom RPC’.

Fill in the following options:

Name: Matic Network


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer:

This allows Metamask to interact with the Matic blockchain. You only need to do this once and when you want to interact with Ethereum-based dapps, just reselect ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ from the dropdown menu. 

With these settings completed, it’s time to buy a Blockchain Cutie and start playing. Obviously we can only select a Cutie that’s on the Matic blockchain, using MATIC tokens as the currency. 

Now, this may seem like a lot of hassle just to play a game, and if you’re not a gamer, maybe it is. But given Ethereum games have lost over 90% of their audience in recent months because of high gas fees, solutions such as Matic could be a real life-saver. 

For not only does it take a couple of seconds for the Matic blockchain to complete a block compared to around 13 seconds per block on Ethereum, crucially there are no gas fees to pay, and that means hassle-free gaming.

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