Players Flock To Try New Alien Worlds Missions on BSC

Players Flock To Try New Alien Worlds Missions on BSC

Alien Worlds ecosystem spreads to Binance Smart Chain

Wax-based gaming giant Alien Worlds has announced the launch of Alien Worlds Missions on Binance Smart Chain. This new BSC-based game mode has attracted a lot of attention from Alien Worlds fans. Users interacting with the BSC dapp increased more than 553% in seven days. 

Notably, the new missions feature aims to bring players an opportunity to explore the NFT universe on BSC. Alien Worlds fans now have the ability to send virtual spaceships on missions throughout the Metaverse. What is more players can receive NFTs for use within the game after each mission. Moreover, players can acquire NFTs created by various player communities that host frequent events and activities.

Alien Worlds has been teasing the launch of missions since May this year, but the integration is finally here. Interestingly, the Wax-based game itself has also seen an increase in unique active wallets interacting with it. In the past seven days, Alien Worlds on Wax attracted 15% more user wallets, bringing the total to over 614.000. What is more, Alien Worlds has managed to take back the crown of the top blockchain game from Splinterlands. According to DappRadar data, Alien Worlds is the number one blockchain-based game across all protocols in the past seven days. 

What is Alien Worlds Missions?

Alien World Missions is a game mode that allows players to send exploratory spacecrafts that mine Trilium and bring back Binance Smart Chain-based NFTs. In order to send out a spacecraft, players have to lock up a certain amount of Trilium, much like staking. Each mission has a defined length, which is equal to the lockup period. 

Additionally, each mission comes with a predefined rewards pool, which is then distributed among all spacecraft explorers that joined. Once the mission is completed, the Trilium that was locked up is returned to the owner, and they receive their share of the reward pool as well. 

This is an essential addition to the Alien Worlds gameplay. It’s also one more opportunity for players to earn Trilium and NFTs. Interestingly, each mission has a rarity tracker that shows participants the NFT they could receive if lucky. It is important to note that missions rewarding rarer NFTs require a larger amount of Trilium locked up.

Play-to-earn meets DeFi and NFTs

Alien World Missions is just the latest proof that the different sectors in the blockchain world are slowly but steadily merging. While Missions is presented as a new play-to-earn gaming mechanic, it is actually a DeFi mechanism in its essence. Stake, or lock up, a certain amount of tokens for a given period of time, and you’ll receive rewards based on your lock-up. The amount of TLM you’ll receive depends on how many other players also completed the mission. Of course, it is much more fun to imagine that by locking up your funds, you’re sending a spaceship to explore the Metaverse and getting loot in return. 

Additionally, the fact that Alien Worlds introduces NFT rewards in the mix further proves that the blockchain space is becoming one giant amalgamation of all its different aspects. This combination of gaming mechanics, staking and lock-up rewards, and NFTs is proving to be the next big step in dapp development.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the blockchain ecosystem as both games, and DeFi become intertwined with the creativity NFTs allow. To keep up with the latest news in the space, follow us on Twitter and Discord.

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