PlayDapp gaming platform launching first NFT Pre-sale

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A blockchain gaming platform also building an NFT marketplace

PlayDapp will launch its first NFT pre-sale starting from May 11th. This NFT pre-sale will introduce the PlayDapp Town NFT series and these NFT will have various purposes across the future line-up of PlayDapp games and experiences. The PlayDapp Town NFTs will first be usable in the online world PlayDapp Town, which will be created in the Roblox ecosystem. 

The South Korean company will launch its NFT offering with 6 game characters, based on other characters in the PlayDapp ecosystem. They will sell3600 NFT Character Packs in three rounds. Buyers in the first round will enjoy a 20% discount, while the second round comes with a 10% discount. In the final round, no discount will be applied. 

Players will be able to sell their NFT characters on the PlayDapp NFT Marketplace, currently in beta. Each of the 6 characters will come in three different rarities, ranging from R to SR to the rarest SSR.

Players will be able to use the NFT characters purchased during the pre-sale to acquire further limited-edition special items in future PlayDapp games. There will also be a leveling up mechanic to enhance NFTs and increase their value. For example, players can combine six lower rank characters into one higher rank character. 

Pre-sale details

During the pre-sale, PlayDapp will sell character packs. There will be nine packs available. Buyers can acquire the packs using ETH or PayPal. In South Korea, buyers can only use the local PayCoin service. A tenth pack will be distributed for free during the promotion of the third and final pre-sale event.

On the Polygon blockchain, players can find all rarities of characters, however, on Ethereum only the rarest category (SSR grade) will exist. In total there will be 7,861 SSR charactersHowever, there will be only 15,000 SSR characters in total, which is just 1% of the total supply of 1,5 million characters. This allows the majority of NFT to be collected by gameplay, helping to create a fair and balanced gaming ecosystem as the player base increases.

It’s currently not yet possible to swap an SSR-graded character from Ethereum to Polygon or the other way around. PlayDapp is planning to open this bridging function around June 2021.

NFT market in 2021 so far

During the first three months of 2021, the NFT market has seen tremendous growth. This market segment was responsible for $1,5 billion in trading volume, driven by projects like NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks, and Rarible. The one thing that all these NFT projects have in common, is that their NFTs are static. They are collectibles.

Gaming is seen as an interesting use case for NFTs because it gives the technology usability across one or multiple applications. A digital sword doesn’t only look nice as a trophy on the wall of a virtual home inside Decentraland or Cryptovoxels, but it’s also very useful to slay monsters in a role-playing game. 

The name of PlayDapp isn’t unfamiliar. They’re among one of the oldest studios making blockchain-powered games. CryptoDozer was their breakthrough game and their ethos of interconnected games & NFT was shown with DozerBird their follow up game. PlayDapp Town and their NFT marketplace are part of their move to take their ecosystem into a wider metaverse. 

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