Play-to-earn Top Performers in July

Blockchain games boosted performance across all chains

Play-to-earn is steadily taking over the blockchain industry, and we can see this in DappRadar data for July. According to our rankings, all of the top five games across all blockchains show an increase in the number of unique active wallets interacting with their smart contracts.

In this article, we will look at each of the top five dapps, analyze their performance throughout the month, and look at possible trends. 

Top Performers

Alien Worlds

WAX-based game Alien Worlds dominates the charts in the past thirty days. The platform attracted close to one million unique active wallets, boosting metrics by more than 47%. Alien Worlds also saw a significant increase in the number of transactions processed, boosting them to more than 405 million. Of course, any action a player takes while in Alien Worlds is recorded as a transaction on the blockchain. It’s important to note that it’s very likely that players have multiple accounts, in an effort to boost their TLM token earnings from the game.


CryptoBlades is one of the more interesting entries in this month’s top five. It is the top-performing Binance Smart Chain game and the dapp that saw the most significant increase in unique active wallets. Boosting its numbers by 11,838%, CryptoBlades attracted close to half a million unique wallets. In addition, the platform processed close to fifty million transactions and increased its volume to more than $85 million. Recently, following the spike in interest in the game, the CryptoBlades native token SKILL also experienced a price hike, hitting a new all-time high.

Axie Infinity

The industry leader and the first play-to-earn dapp to make it to the global stage of gaming on the blockchain is still steadily advancing in the charts. In previous weeks Axie Infinity saw even bigger increases in terms of new users. In the past month, the rise in the number of UAW is about 300% which is in no way insignificant. As the platform gains popularity, Axies become more expensive, and fewer people get the chance to start playing the game. Despite that, interest in this play-to-earn champion of a game is still strong. Wealthy Axie owners lend out their NFTs through so-called scholarships, giving other people the opportunity to earn SLP tokens through gameplay.

My DeFi Pet

My DeFi Pet is outperforming expectations this month. As one of the newest BSC play-to-earn opportunities, the huge spike in unique active users is not that surprising. Still, an increase of more than 660% cannot be brushed off easily. The game allows players to breed pets, improve their abilities and compete with them to earn rewards. We will continue monitoring My DeFi Pet as it continues its march towards the top of game rankings on BSC. 


Upland is an established name in the blockchain gaming sector. As one of the first games to launch in the industry, it is still steadily attracting users and boosting its performance. Upland is also the best performing EOS-based game. In the past thirty days, more than 150,000 unique active wallets interacted with the platform, purchasing and selling real estate on the blockchain. New features, additional land, and gameplay enhancement keep player engagement higher than ever before.

Play-to-earn takes over the blockchain space

A new trend has emerged in the blockchain space in the past couple of months. Play-to-earn decentralized apps are becoming the next big hit.

Games where players get to win monetary rewards simply for performing actions in-game, attract more and more users. This is not at all surprising, considering it is a complete shift from the traditional gaming industry. While players usually have to pay to get access to games and special features, they earn rewards for advancing in games in this scenario. 

Blockchain technology has a multitude of characteristics that allow game mechanics to change and allow players to earn while gaming. Follow DappRadar to learn the latest in the blockchain gaming space.

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