Play-to-Earn Bomb Crypto Becomes Top 3 Game

Bomb Crypto

Search for BCOIN and fight monsters in Bomberman inspired game

A new play-to-earn game on Binance Smart Chain has seen impressive growth since launching last week. The battle game Bomb Crypto has attracted over 5,100 holders of its BCOIN within just one week of the token sale.

According to data from DappRadar, the new BSC-based play-to-earn game has attracted over 27,000 unique active wallets to its platform that completed over 82,000 transactions. Additionally, looking at the contract address for BHERO and BHOUSE we see that over 311k heroes have been sold, and 284 of the total 5000 houses are also now sold. 

Bomb Crypto is an NFT infused battle game where players manage a group of bomb heroes programmed to search for BCOIN and fight monsters. It’s a game inspired by the classic Bomberman games, but featuring lots of idle mechanics. In Bomb Crypto players can also buy a house, which comes with in-game benefits like energy regeneration. Future updates will allow users to customize their Bomb Crypto home. 

Games on BSC 

According to the Q3 DappRadar Industry Report, BSC’s game sector experienced an interesting quarter. The Binance-branded network put up impressive numbers in terms of usage during Q3, mostly driven by the GameFi movement. The daily UAW connected to BSC games reached 168,500 for the quarter and peaked at 286,500 during August. The quarterly number represents an impressive 1,701% growth quarter-over-quarter.

Despite the cooldown in September, the network still hosts some of the most used game dapps in the industry. For the majority of August, CryptoBlades was the third most-played blockchain game. Bomb Crypto climbing up to 3rd in just 5 days is more impressive when placed in the context of a bulging games ecosystem with lots on offer for users. Moreover, if it can continue to lure in users with its future additions to the game it will soon surpass CryptoBlades and start chasing MOBOX as the most played game on BSC.  

Retro appeal

Interestingly, the game is very reminiscent of the 1983 arcade game and now franchise Bomberman. Which was later released on PC, Nintendo, and Sega home entertainment systems to become a massive global success. Bomb Crypto even draws on classic sound effects and graphics to give the game a completely retro feel. Presumably, the aim is to appeal to men in the 30+ age category as an audience that potentially spent hours of their life playing Bomberman – without making a penny for their efforts. 

The move could signal a trend observed in mobile gaming around 2010 when unknown publishers were fundamentally copying, and rebranding well-known games for mobile. Games such as Words with Friends was simply a multiplayer version of Scrabble, that could now harness mobile technology and real-time, turn-based gaming, for example. Could the same revolution arrive in blockchain gaming? Arguably, as with mobile gaming, it could propel the sector to entirely new heights. The developers of the blockchain-powered game, Senspark, already have an impressive history in mobile games. Having released more than 40 games, with over 100 million downloads since launching in 2011. 

What is Bomb Crypto 


First, players need to get themselves a bomber hero by getting some BCOIN and buying one. You can find a step-by-step guide for this at the end of the article. The initial investment required to be able to join the game is about 10 BCOIN, or around $1 to buy a bomber hero. Later, there are 3 ways to collect bomber heroes: via rescues, buy-in the shop, and through a marketplace auction. A hero is an NFT item and is assigned stats and skills at random. Additionally, there is no hero class and a single player can manage up to 50 heroes. Currently, the marketplace is not live and they scheduled it for arrival in Q4 2021. Then players will be able to trade their NFT property in-game. The game offers lots of collectible NFT items that players can collect now and later sell or trade on the forthcoming marketplace. 

Bomber heroes also have houses to come back to that act the same as land in other games. Functioning as a resting place for increased energy regeneration. The level of houses ranges from Tiny house up to Super Villa. The higher the house level, the larger the hero storage space and the faster the recovery time. Players can also buy Houses and sell them as  NFT items once the marketplace arrives. Players don’t need houses, but these NFTs provide a way to regenerate your energy much faster.

Right now there is one playable mode. Treasure hunt, released on the 30th of September. In this mode, players send bomber heroes to the mining areas where they’ll plant bombs to destroy blocks to find BCOIN and rescue heroes. Treasure Hunt mode allows for a maximum of 15 heroes. These heroes can work automatically without the need for the player to be present all of the time. Arguably, the real draw will be the arena battle mode once it arrives. Where players can battle it out against each other in a game style similar to the classic Bomberman franchise. 

According to the roadmap, players will later be able to choose from three game modes. Adventure, arena battle, and managing heroes. 


BCOIN is the Binance Smart Chain standard BEP-20 token that allows holders to play, exchange, invest and also be a part of the game ecosystem. Moreover,  BCOIN has high liquidity and is easy to exchange. Helping users to play, and make profits from the game. Current use cases of the BCOIN are mainly for purchasing and upgrading game characters and items. Later, players will be able to make payments to other users via the in-game NFT marketplace. While staking for powerful VIP privileges and rewards, once launched, will surely add more appeal to the mechanics of the game. 

Getting Started 

Before navigating to the home page you first need to ensure you have some BCOIN in your Metamask wallet. This can be exchanged using the DappRadar token swap. Swap BNB for BCOIN

Once you have BCOIN head to the website and click the play now tab. After loading you are presented with the below screen. Please note, it has been acknowledged on the website that in some cases loading is getting stuck at 10%. The dev team advises a simple refresh. 

Click shop in the bottom right of the screen. Select what you wish to buy, enter the amount, and confirm the transaction both on the game and in your Metamask wallet. 

Once you have your bomber hero, you can start playing the Treasure Hunt game mode. 

Making a comeback 

The idea of highly playable retro games such as Bomberman weaving in tokenomics and a play-to-earn mechanic seems logical. Of course, there are still issues around how these games are hosted given Apple’s and to a lesser extent, the Google Play store’s view of in-game crypto payments. Nonetheless, game publishers are obviously paying attention to the surging interest in the play-to-earn gaming space. Retro games arguably have instant appeal in certain circles, as well as conjuring up feelings of nostalgia. Topped off with the possibility to earn a nice income from those finely-tuned button-bashing skills. 

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in ETH, BTC, ADA, MATIC, SAFEMOON, HEX, LINK, GRT, CRO, OMI, USDT, SOL, SHIBA INU, AVASTR, RAY, BOSON, AND OCEAN

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