Play, Stake, and Earn in HunnyPlay, the Ultimate iGaming Playground for all Casino Fans

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HunnyPlay is the top online casino dapp living on BNB Chain and other blockchains

HunnyPlay strives to be the most engaging and exciting online casino game dapp by incorporating DeFi attributes into its platform. Leveraging BNB Chain, HunnyPlay ensures that players can enjoy transparency, fairness, and excitement while playing online casino games. 


  • HunnyPlay is one of the most visited casino dapps on the BNB Chain, with more than 5 Million USD in value coming into the smart contracts over the recent months, increasing over 118%.  
  • It is also available on Polygon, Avalanche, Harmony, Fantom, and OEC, and coming to Solana.
  • HunnyPlay uses HUNNY, BNB, CAKE, USDT, USDC, BUSD, BABY, VAI, XVS, AVAX, FTM, BOO, OKT, and MATIC for settlements and payments.  
  • The casino platform offers various ways for users to earn rewards, including playing slots and casino games and joining the referral program.

According to Statista, the global online casino market is projected to be worth more than $92.9 billion in 2023, with the market size valued at $57.54 billion in 2021. The fast-paced development of this entertainment sector is due to factors such as the advancement of mobile technology, more variety in gaming products, and better acceptance by more jurisdictions. 

Recent years have also seen the online gambling industry leveraging blockchain to ensure their casino games are fair. The adoption of blockchain technology, as a result, provides no chance for gambling operators to cheat, interfere with outcomes or manipulate payouts. As a result, it gives players more confidence to enjoy such games. 

What’s even more exciting for casino game fans? The concept that “the house always wins” now has a twist. HunnyPlay, the cross-chain casino with the highest volume on BNB Chain, allows players to become shareholders of the “house”, bringing a higher chance for profitability through various revenue streams.  

What is HunnyPlay?

HunnyPlay is an all-encompassing online gaming platform with all settlements and payments powered by HUNNY, BNB, CAKE, USDT, USDC, BUSD, BABY, VAI, XVS, AVAX, FTM, BOO, OKT, and MATIC. Leveraging blockchain, HunnyPlay guarantees players a transparent and secure way to enjoy their online casino experience. 

Whether players enjoy the thrill of dazzling slots, bluffing on Texas Hold’em, or the immersive live casino by big names such as Evolution and Pragmatic, they can always play to their heart’s content.

Instead of letting “the house” take all, HunnyPlay shares profit generated from games with its players. What’s more, users with higher loyalty can share a bigger portion. This profit splitting mechanism is backed by a user-owned treasury called HunnyJar. So, where does the capital resource come from? 

As known, games of chance involve rake. It means that the game operator takes a part of the winner’s earnings as a commission. HunnyPlay divides its commission into three portions, 40% to their HunnyJar prize pool, 40% to cover the management expenses, and 20% to burn.  

HunnyPlay HunnyJar

How does HunnyPlay reward its players economically?

Players can earn via various ways in HunnyPlay’s ecosystem. First, HunnyJar aims to reward active users. To be eligible to share the HunnyJar prize pool, users need to play the game and invite users to join HunnyPlay. Both conditions are required. Then, after completing these tasks, users can become HunnyBees and BumbleBees to share the prize pool. HunnyBees get 40% of the HunnyJar pot while BumbleBees get 60%. 

Plus, HunnyPlay is a gaming platform with DeFi mechanics, where non-gaming users can also enjoy lucrative benefits. To achieve so, users can simply stake HUNNY tokens and receive rewards in an additional HUNNY. 

Apart from staking, the referral program allows users to receive passive income. For example, 1.5% from the platform’s house edge will be paid to the user (the inviter) immediately after each newly-joined player’s winning bet. 

HunnyPlay – the ultimate Web3 funfair 

HunnyPlay strives to be the most engaging and thrilling online casino games platform on multiple chains, bringing players numerous ways to enjoy its dynamic earning mechanisms. This DeFi-backed casino playground enables users with different appetites to enjoy high yields and exciting games at the same time. Moving forward, the Hunny team continues to craft a user-driven DAO so that Hunny’s ecosystem and prosperity can truly grant ownership to its community.

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