Pioneering Blockchain Game Spells of Genesis Turns Five

Spells of Genesis
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The very first mobile action puzzle game that used blockchain technology

Today, blockchain gaming company EverdreamSoft is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its flagship game Spells of Genesis by launching a 20% discount sale on in-game NFTs. Alongside this, EverdreamSoft has opened an NFT Museum in CryptoVoxels and launched its first voxelized NFT collection of 14 NFTs in The Sandbox.


The action puzzle game Spells of Genesis was the first mobile game that implemented blockchain technology. In 2015 they issued one of the first tokenized digital collectibles that could be used in their game. Two years later, gamers could upgrade their in-game cards to ultimately mint them as tokenized digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain, using the Counterparty protocol. Then in 2017, the game launched on the Ethereum network and became one of the first multichain dapps. 

Fast forward to 2022 and NFTs and play-to-earn are the talk of the town, driving more than 50% of overall dapp usage in Q1 2022. However, what has become overwhelmingly clear is that NFTs can be much more than art. Non-fungible tokens can be virtual real-estate, items in a game world, virtual and physical events tickets, or even give the owner a percentage of a yield generating liquidity pool. To celebrate the fifth birthday of Spells of Genesis, EverdreamSoft is offering a limited 20% discount on all items in the native marketplace

The Sandbox and Spells of Genesis NFTs

The collaboration with The Sandbox points toward more progression for Spells of Genesis as it begins to collaborate with leading virtual world platforms. EverdreamSoft just launched its first voxelized collection of 14 NFTs on The Sandbox in collaboration with Nabiya Studios, including eight iconic characters from Spells of Genesis. The most expensive is the Satoshi Legendary card, priced at around $2,800. Meanwhile, collectors can get their hands on a SatoshiBlock or Basket of Gems for under $35. 

Spells of Genesis

To further celebrate the fifth anniversary, EverdreamSoft also announced the launch of an NFT history museum inside CryptoVoxels earlier this month. The gallery exhibits vintage SoG cards and various top industry-renowned NFT collections, providing an immersive representation of interconnected universes and experiences.

Moreover, this collaboration could indicate future partnerships with other leading virtual world platforms like Decentraland and Somnium Space. The now-OG game looks to expand its footprint and arguably work toward the tenth anniversary. Potential future partnerships could also see Spells of Genesis become a playable part of a broader metaverse platform as NFT-infused gaming grows in appeal.  

Spells of Genesis NFT Whales 

There are several Spells of Genesis NFT whales already. Using the DappRadar Portfolio, we can zoom in on their wallets, see what they hold, and further investigate the financial benefit of having Spells of Genesis cards. 

This wallet address holds 293 Spells of Genesis NFTs worth over 31.4 ETH, or $90,000, and interestingly has been sitting on most of the NFTs for over two years. Trading history for each NFT reveals that most were captured by the wallet at the minting stage and are now all worth considerably more.  

Spells of Genesis

This wallet holds 35 Spells of Genesis NFTs with a combined value of around 4.4 ETH or approximately $10,000 at writing. Like the first wallet, most of the items were secured at the minting stage and have been in the wallet for over two years already. 

Spells of Genesis

What is Spells of Genesis?

In Spells of Genesis, players can earn cards and level them up by merging them. This is an essential part of the gameplay, as cards increase their powers by leveling up. They go from bronze to silver and then to gold. The final and ultimate step would be something EverdreamSoft calls blockchainization, which is actually ‘minting’ the card onto the blockchain. Gamers can download Spells of Genesis for free on Android and iOS. Connecting the Casa Tookan Wallet assets from the Ethereum blockchain and Bitcoin Counterparty can be used inside the mobile game.

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds positions in various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and RADAR.

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