Phantom Galaxies Discord Scam Victims Can Now Claim Compensation

Phantom Galaxies Discord Scam Victims Can Now Claim Compensation

The team has launched a dedicated claim site for eligible players

Phantom Galaxies has announced it will start reimbursing users affected by the Discord hack and subsequent fake NFT mint that happened last year. The team behind the game has built a dedicated website where affected players who are on the list of scammed accounts will be able to claim the funds they lost. 

The Discord hack that happened in November 2021, allowed fraudsters to take over a Phantom Galaxies server and create a fake NFT minting campaign. Players were prompted to pay 0.1 ETH to mint a limited edition NFT, however, proceeds were directed towards the hacker’s wallet, instead of the Phantom Galaxies treasury. 

Following the hack, more than $1 million in user funds were stolen, while players received nothing for their money. Soon after the hack, Animoca Brands announced that it was going to help cover player losses. That time has now come. Starting today, affected players can put in their claim for compensation on the dedicated Phantom Galaxies website

Importantly, players will get two options when it comes to compensations. 

  1. Claim a free Poster 3 NFT when the collection becomes available. This choice would not require KYC procedures and certification, players simply have to prove they were affected by the hack by using the right wallet. 
  2. Request a full refund in ETH. However, in order to receive this refund, players will need to successfully complete a KYC verification process. 

What is Phantom Galaxies?

Phantom Galaxies aims to be the leading multichain science-fiction mecha shared-world online RPG. It will provide the most fully fleshed-out game experience that integrates blockchain in order to enable true game asset ownership and player-driven governance.

Currently, players can participate in the closed alpha version of the game. In order to do that, they need to own a Halberd-001 NFT. The team distributed an initial supply of 562,776 copies of the Halberd-001 NFTs. However, interested players can now purchase them on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Powered by blockchain gaming giant Animoca Brands, Phantom Galaxies is one of the most anticipated gaming projects at the moment. While the Discord hack certainly set the team back, the Phantom Galaxies community is growing. 

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