Pegaxy NFT Race Horses Chase the Top Spot on Polygon

Pegaxy NFT Race Horses Chase the Top Spot on Polygon
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The game attracted 25.000 user wallets in the past week, boosting its performance by 26%

Pegaxy is one of the newest Polygon game releases, however, the dapp is steadily heeded for the top spot in DappRadar rankings. In the past seven days, the NFT horse racing game has increased its user base by 26%, reaching more than 25.000 unique active wallets. 

Impressively, Pegaxy is one of the few dapps on Polygon that is attracting more users now, compared to the end of 2021. There is a heavy bearish climate on the DeFi side of things at the moment. However, it seems that play-to-earn on Polygon is stronger than ever. The top three dapps in terms of unique active wallets for the past seven days all fall in that category. 

Pegaxy managed to climb to third place thanks to an enviable performance. With the spike in unique active wallets, the platform also saw the number of processed transactions jump around 25%. Most notably, however, the game generated more than $32 million in transaction volume in the past seven days.

The influx of players and activity on Pegaxy had a positive effect on the game’s native token VIS as well. While the majority of crypto tokens are experiencing unprecedented dips in valuation, the price for one VIS token increased 34.61%.

What’s next for Pegaxy?

Pegaxy seems to have nailed to user acquisition part of its development plan. However, the team behind the new hit Polygon game has an ambitious roadmap ahead. One of the main improvements that are soon to come to the platform is a 3D version of the race track and the horses. This is a major design effort that will undoubtedly make the gaming experience even more immersive. 

Currently, the team behind Pegaxy is hosting a Closed Beta version of the 3D game. This version of the race is only available to players who own Founders, Legendary, or Epic Pega NFTs. The official roadmap also features extensive plans for a mobile-based platform, as well as a community hackathon with major rewards. 

Considering the successful run Pegaxy has had during the first weeks of 2022, this is going to be a stellar year for the platform. With an ambitious roadmap and growing popularity among gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike, Pegaxy is well-positioned to top the DappRaddar Polygon Games ranking

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