What is Pacmoon, the Token for the Content Creator Economy

pacmoon PAC token explained how to farm
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Powering the creator community on Blast

With a home on the Blast Layer-2 network, Pacmoon positions itself as a community coin for content creators. Anybody creating relevant content and actively participating in the Pacmoon ecosystem, can become eligible for PAC token rewards. How does this work? Let’s find out! 

Amidst the memecoin hype happening in the wider Web3 ecosystem, Pacmoon stepped into the spotlight on Blast. Using the ticker PAC, Pacmoon is distributed to active community members who create content. On 3 April, the team distributed $1 million worth of PAC to content creators, and they now started Season 3. 

How do you become eligible for the PAC airdrop?

Contrary to many other social media farming projects, Pacmoon has decided to only reward quality content. This means that simply creating posts with $PAC and @pacmoon_ mentions to boost your total impressions won’t work. Pacmoon wants to incentivize quality over quantity. Above all, you will have to post or distribute the content through X. 

Tips to make quality Pacmoon content

  1. Create content that appeals to the entire Pacmoon community, so don’t go for a small niche. 
  2. Make your content snappy, as it needs to capture the attention of the consumer within a few seconds. This is the case both for videos and for text. 
  3. Create your content in such a way that it’s easy to consume. Think about headers, using images, and other visual elements. 
  4. Don’t create content for the sake of creating content, but connect with people. Make them feel, make them want to be part of it, make them smile. 
  5. Above all, be timely. Trending topics are important and capture the most attention. 

But how do you farm PAC? 

No, you don’t farm. That’s exactly what you’re not supposed to do. You need to make content on X that adds value to Pacmoon and Blast. Make sure you tag $PAC and @pacmoon_, and when Pacmoon likes your content you will become eligible for a future airdrop. The more views your content generates, the bigger your reward will be. 

Pacmoon doesn’t respect spam

It’s interesting, because Pacmoon really curates your content. Therefore content that’s spammy in nature will automatically not be rewarded. If you’ve been farming $PARAM, $PORTAL or $BLOCK, you’ve likely been spamming your timeline with random posts and tags. With PAC this won’t work. 

No bots allowed

Of course you should not boost your impressions or likes through paid bot services. This should be a no-brainer, but I’m just putting it out there. Only genuine content is allowed. 

How to claim your airdrop

If you participated in Season 2, you may me eligible for some PAC tokens. This is what you need to do to claim your rewards:

  1. Go to Pacmoon.io/airdrop
  2. Complete the form
  3. Also follow the Pacmoon_ X account   
  4. Join the official Telegram
  5. Make sure to connect your wallet to the website
  6. And then claim your airdrop

The Pacmoon end game

Pacmoon positions the PAC token as something that is tightly connected to a creator economy. Now, none of the following is officially announced nor endorsed by the Pacmoon team, but the idea is of course that PAC ends up in the wallet of the most dedicated community members and content creators. 

When this has happened, Pacmoon could start looking into community services and collaborations. Because suddenly Pacmoon has an army of content creators that could help other projects to boost their presence in Web3. 

If you want to be part of that content army, then this is your chance to jump into Season 3.

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