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Artwork by Laury Guintrand, Avengers, The Witcher, Fantastic Four, and more

Just a few days into 2022, the Oxya Origin NFTs have all sold out and are, as a result, firmly stuck to the top of the DappRadar 24 hour NFT rankings. NFT investors show a solid appetite for digital collectibles that offer exclusive access and gameplay opportunities. 

NFT collectibles with extended utility inside gaming and metaverse platforms appear to be the hot ticket for January. The Oxya Origin collection comprises 7898 3D characters designed by Laury Guintrand, a visual effects artist known for their work on Avengers, The Witcher, Fantastic Four, and more. Furthermore, other artists in the team have previously worked with Netflix, Ubisoft, and Riot Games. The collection consists of characters from nine different tribes and the characters get randomly generated from more than 250 attributes. 

Oxya Origin

Due to the collection only launching a few days ago, the 7-day metrics are 100% across the board. However, the number of traders and sales shows that the collection is firmly outpacing OG collections such as BAYC, MAYC, and CryptoPunks this week. As reported earlier this week, Axie Infinity is having a storming week, having smashed previous sales records in terms of the number of traders. 

Minting started on the 6th of December, and the Oxya Origin NFT collection sold out within just a few hours. The minting price for buyers outside the early access whitelist was 0.30 ETH, or around $980, plus gas fees. 

A glance at the collections stats on Opensea reveals the floor price now sits at 1.45 ETH, or around $4700. With 4600 wallets owning all the NFTs in the collection. 4500 of traded ETH shows that many buyers always intended to flip their newly acquired NFTs for profit immediately. Unsurprisingly, a quick flip in this situation could return buyers a healthy, almost $4000 profit in under 24 hours. Looking deeper reveals that some are trying to get more ETH for their NFTs. Items are being listed for as much as $10.000 as hype escalates around the collection. 

Oxya Origin

Justified Hype?

The involvement of such high-profile artists with ties to Marvel and DC is an apparent driving force in the collection’s popularity thus far. Beyond Oxya Origin’s collectibles, NFTs will be usable as an avatar in the social RPG, allowing owners to interact and trade with other people, play the game, conquer lands, trade, and manage them. Oxya Origin NFTs give access to this whole universe. Moreover, Oxya Origin is a vast ecosystem with innovative utilities, community-building mechanisms, and adventures for players. 

Oxya Origin

The roadmap for 2022 outlines some exciting features, including Origins and Storyline being introduced alongside rewards for players. During the second quarter of 2022, the game developers will offer lands, the OXYA token, and nobility rewards. A visit to the website avails an excellent audio narrative that gives the backstory to where players find themselves. In short, it’s a futuristic dystopian world, devoid of any resources where the survivors are fighting it out to collect the most precious resource, OXYA. 

Oxya Origin

NFTs are just getting started 

Many spectators couldn’t wait to prematurely call time on the NFT hype that dominated much of 2021. However, those watching more closely understood that the hype wouldn’t die but simply evolve into what NFT admirers wanted. Utility beyond a simple collectible and a chance to earn from their purchase and access places others can’t. 

As we dive into 2022, it’s becoming clear already that these NFT collections that offer holders more utility will serve a broader purpose and grow in stature. Perhaps not only in their built-out metaverse or game platform. But also ones built by others. The right-click JPG naysayers will have to dig deep this year to find more compelling reasons to ignore NFTs. 

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