Own Wizardia Arena Genesis NFTs and Earn Passive Income From Game Battles

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Early investors can now acquire the Arena Genesis NFTs

The upcoming fantasy RPG Wizardia brings a play-to-earn economy into the metaverse where early investors can earn passive income for life. The Arena Genesis NFT gives players ownership over the battle arena, collecting fees every time heroic wizards fight on the battlefield. 

The newly launched Arena Genesis NFTs are among the hottest assets in the Wizardia universe. At the moment, the second round of the token sale takes place, as NFTs sell for $175 a piece. In total, there will be 7 sales rounds, and each time the price of the Arena Genesis NFTs will go up. Also, the earlier someone steps in, the more passive income they will collect.

So what are these Arena Genesis NFTs? Before we answer that, let’s first look at what Wizardia actually is. Wizardia is a gorgeous turn-based battle game filled with RPG elements. Players can level up and improve their NFT wizards, upgrade artifacts and craft items. In Wizardia players have the option to either battle monsters and other enemies, or pit their team against other players. 

Because players have full ownership over each of their Wizardia wizards, thanks to blockchain technology, they can also sell, trade and rent them to other players. These NFTs aren’t the only blockchain element, of course. Wizardia has also been infused with the magical essence of play-to-earn gaming, creating an in-game economy with real-world value.  

Play-to-earn is all the craze 

Last year, the biggest winners in the blockchain industry were play-to-earn (P2E) games. These games allow players to gain financial benefits from in-game actions. This product category got lots of media attention following the COVID pandemic, and now major gaming companies like Ubisoft, Square Enix and Electronic Arts have set their eyes on play-to-earn gaming and NFTs. Investments poured into the play-to-earn gaming sector, having garnered more than $4 billion in 2021, according to the BGA Blockchain Game Report 2021 by DappRadar.

However, the traditional gaming industry plays catch-up and needs to wrap their heads around this new paradigm. The developers of Wizardia push the play-to-earn environment forward with a polished world, great designs, and of course, a solid game economy. The community plays an important role in this, because they will be the ones owning Arena Genesis NFTs, while also buying, renting and trading wizard NFTs with each other. The Wizardia community becomes core to the game.

Earning options for gamers and investors

The magical world of Wizardia offers two types of NFTs: Arena Genesis NFTs and Wizard NFTs. The Wizard NFTs are the game characters players will use on the battlefield. Players can pit their heroes against monsters, or against other players in PVP matches. The Wizard NFTs can also be upgraded, improving their effectiveness on the battlefield and increasing their value. Renting, selling and trading are all options on the upcoming Wizardia marketplace. Investing players will need to be active in order to optimize their earnings from the game. Not to mention that earning the native WZRD token through the play-to-earn economy requires active playtime as well. 

The Arena Genesis NFTs are a completely different type of investment.  

These Arena Genesis NFTs are the backbone of a finely-crafted royalty structure, allowing the NFT holders to earn passive income. In Wizardia’s circular economy, revenues come from the ecosystem’s battle system, the marketplace, and other paid scenarios. As a result, part of the revenue enters a fund to reward the project’s early investors.

In this way, investors getting into Arena Genesis NFTs can collect royalties from many in-game actions without participating in gameplay themselves. Most notably, it is a royalty structure that benefits the early adopters the most. There are seven sales rounds for Arena Genesis NFTs, each with a different purchase price. The price increases with each subsequent round. Specifically, the price in the first round is $125 per token, while the final round is $445 each.

Even though early investors clearly stand to gain more returns from the Arena Genesis NFTs, later-stage investors can still enjoy the potential of ongoing returns due to the royalty generation mechanic. For instance, the battle arena serves as a critical source for royalty collection. With more players joining the game and entering the battle, its revenue goes up accordingly. On the official website, interested investors can find the Wizardia royalty projection calculator, which offers an intuitive way to understand the return-on-investment (ROI) better.

Players can get in early now. Starting from February 14, Arena Genesis NFTs have already gone on public sale. Currently, the public sales have entered their second stage with $175 per NFT. The game’s first playable feature, the battle Arena, will be ready by Q2/Q3 2022. 

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